Monday, January 31, 2011

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Demi Lovato decides to unwind after rehabilitation

certainly happy to be back on the West Coast, Demi Lovato ended the weekend with a dinner in Los Angeles, CA, on Sunday 30 January. After a day of shopping at a local mall, Demi Lovato, age 18, chose to eat at The Cheesecake Factory with a friend. The output is produced only after Demi Lovato end its stay in rehab. She was admitted to Illinois in November 2010. As reported Demi Lovato decided to rehabilitate physical and emotional problems and a representative of the star confirmed: 'Demi is happier to be back home and near his family. "
(that cute ... haver if the back shortly to be singing!)

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buying clothes Katy Perry refuses to play songs

Katy Perry has insisted he will not change his musical style now that he's married. She married Russell Brand in October and said he likes to entertain his audience and he will not sing on her husband. 'There is an obvious element in me that wants to entertain people and make their faces light up, "said Katy Perry . 'So do not just sing songs about being a married woman. " 'I always say that a good example of this and s Beyonce. sang 'Single Ladies', but everyone knows who is with Jay-Z' he said.
so still singing their songs, but the odd woman sing about home ... not safe control nNOS liked? :)