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Watchie Talkie Scrubs

Dream Meeting - Happy birthday not happy (2)

Disclaimer : Cullen Family, Volturi Denali and belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 11
not happy Happy Birthday (2)

I had departed from the Denali sisters and I took refuge in the table of Aro's brother had been eating, and had done the same to him. Eat and eat pastries, after making sure they were not blood-were delicious and seemed to stifle a vacuum.

Edward was with Kate, Irina and Tanya . was amazing how that girl kept one arm intertwined with Edward and find a way to rub your face with your fingers. The four were there, laughing at how audible, considering that all other sounds were whispers "Breathe slowly and then another cake.

"You will not have room for cake a velvety voice whispered behind me.
I turned and look for a second, sighed and went back to take a pastry.
"I'm going, so no matter.
- You Go?
"Yes, it's too late.
-Mary, came an hour ago, and the party is yours.
"Well," I directed my gaze to Tanya, I am tired, humans ... we are not perfect.
Edward stared at me for a moment, as if trying to guess what my gestures meant.
"Well, but you need to do something, he shook my finger and led me gently to the rooms. I felt the eyes of Tanya I stuck to the back, almost felt like I was burning.

Edward stopped at a door white, pushed a little to open and invited me, I did let me go without his fingers.

Once inside of what I presumed was her room, I slipped an arm around her waist and guided me to sit on the bed why did a bed? Edward answered my unspoken question.
"I like to sit there thinking," he said with a smile twisted, making me forget all that had to deal with jealousy.

be in the room was very quiet, everything seemed quiet and orderly. Everything was in place, and seemed to be neither a sample of dust there, besides the simple joy of being alone with him. Without the Volturi, not the Cullens, and without the Denali. A smile on my face and noticed Edward.

"You need not be jealous of Tanya," he said raising an eyebrow and looking for something in a chest, just friends, almost cousins. She usually behaves well, is ... "thought about, searching for the right word," I like to be so with men.

"I guess that leads that I am human," I muttered.
"No," said Edward, turning to look at me, you'd be surprised to know me more careful. You should see it with Emmett raised his eyebrows very high-Rosalie not tolerated, but Carlisle says they are family. Alice told him not to invite them, but we had no choice really.
"I guess not.
-live in the upstairs, would know one way or another and not take it kindly.
Edward pulled out a box lined with paper that resembled a chessboard and gave it to me. He sat beside me and kissed my neck. I shivered at his cold touch and butterflies in my stomach stirred up more when he whispered "Happy Birthday" in my ear, then kissed my neck again.
"Open it," he muttered without leaving me.

When I played the role I noticed it was plastic, he stared at me strangely Edward.

-Idea Alice, simple prevention.

smiled and pulled the plastic, when I did, I discovered a transparent box, inside you could see two chess pieces: a white queen and red pawn, beside that, there was a block wood, red and shiny. I turned to Edward and I spent an arm around his neck, the gift was not large, but for me it meant a lot.
- You like?
"I love it.

Edward reached down and pulled something out from under the bed.

"Not yet finished," he said handing me a curly Lily, I felt tears in my eyes crowded. It was so perfect, white with red spots around the stem, was a red ribbon tearing.
-Edward, is beautiful, "I said and I took Lily to his lips, we kissed like never before, without taboos or fears -. It is absolutely perfect, "I muttered.
"The books may disappear, but I will not.

I smiled again and hugged him tightly-force for me, not for him, he hugged me and then I rocked gently on his chest, when two heavy tears started coming out of my eyes.

- Mary Why are you crying?

I touched his chest over his striped shirt.

"Because I'm stupid," I said squeezing more to him because I still do not think you're real, because I think that one day wake and not be, and that day will suffer.

Edward lifted my face and wiped my tears with your lips.

"Yes you are stupid, because I'm here, I love you and I will not go. I'm real, Mary -. He gave me another kiss on the lips and continued -. Tell me something, what your dreams are so realistic?
"Yes, and if I wake up I regret having stayed.
"Congratulations, you are awake and can sleep in peace, Vampire ensure that their dreams.


awoke Monday cradled in Edward's chest and from there I knew my day would be fine. The party had ended well, with the perfect gift when Edward and Tanya had become jealous and not the helmet. I punched a cake that was delicious, I knew that Aro's brother had been in charge of buying it. I was surprised then to notice the presence of Laurent, Rosalie told me that he was not invited to his coven if it was like the book, but that certainly was after the foot Irina and had slipped to the party. However, everything was perfect.

On Sunday I went with my family to the movies, it was my birthday request and really enjoyed it. That night, Edward came through my window and watched my dreams as promised.

And so on Monday, my day started very well-hated and had hoped to continue that way.

When I got to school, Vanessa asked me about the party. I mentioned something about Tanya and she was surprised. Thereafter did not stop talking of "ugly" that also was behind her boyfriend. He promised again that know him and I just gave him the gift of the doubt.

The first class was history, as we watched the lesson I was wondering if Edward had lived at the time, and if so, I would ask for help with homework. That would save me time and would give us both time alone, something that mutually benefited. Think Edward lightened the heavy material, so I did the following too. I surprised myself that I could find a way to relate everything.

At the time of recess, I unpacked my food, I was hungry, I gave my friends a piece of my birthday cake, had been much, since most of the guests did not eat-all seemed normal and happy too. One of those days where you say, "how good I feel."

had not talked to Carlos the whole morning, so I went with Vanessa to look for to tell you about my party and "Tanya" wanted to hear his reaction. Vanessa looked like a parrot, talked and talked of many things at a time.

Carlos was talking to his girlfriend witch. And Vanessa and I stopped before it is too close to hear. This was odd, because she looked more normal witch and he very confused.

-Vanessa are finishing, "he muttered.
"The problem is that it seems that it is she who decided.

The witch in question was, strutting like pretty enough to do, witch was the mildest word I could think about it. Charles stared at us and called me, I made a gesture with Vanessa and I approached him.

- What happened? I asked, confused.
-ended me.
"Bitch" I muttered.
-Mary ... please.
"Sorry, I guess that is not what you hear.
He shook his head, all I did was hug him right then, he was allowed to hug and gesture worked well for both. She missed the warmth of skin, and curl. As much as I love Edward, I never feel your skin soft and warm against mine, I never could hit well, comfort if he was hurt. It needed a real man for all that.

Carlos sat on a bench, and I did with him. He told me that the witch wanted to be with others, and it hurt to know that I suspected that it did, I felt the pain my friend.

- Do you know? There are better fish in the sea, and I have a couple of options for you.
He smiled and I realized that I was struggling not to mourn "the boys do not cry" was he thinking.
"You mourn if you want," he said in a whisper.
"I would," he paused, if worthwhile.
I nodded and they both burst into laughter. A real man with real feelings. I sighed and Carlos I looked puzzled.

-boring, right? Tell me, what's your birthday?

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What Type Of Paper Are Autographs On

This song - Oneshot Eliza


Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

start to play and think it .... In Bella do not understand where it came from the song but you know when you think about it all others do not exist, the world, your life, everything is irrelevant except her and that's all for you.

would like another
at that moment and touch the melody, never heard you play something so real, so pure as you're playing you start to hum something, but without realizing start singing and you keep thinking about Bella ... ... take a pen and start to write this song is for her the woman that you are in love.

write on the paper that song that comes from your being for her, for your love, your Bella feel that not enough want to give more, want to say more, but without realizing stop writing , you come to think of Bella and everything around you disappears, and the only thing you care about is Bella.

think its sweet aroma fresillas in his chocolate brown eyes, his face reddening, and to hear the frantic beat of his heart, which is the sweetest song you've heard your whole life, think many things yet not think of anything, because you never really think when it comes to your Bella.

You watch the paper on which you wrote the song, and laugh at it without realizing you wrote what you get when you think about it, then once again start to play that beautiful melody on your piano and I start singing with all your heart and you feel like this song comes to life and thanks to Bella, the woman who makes you think without thinking, the woman who is all for you, the woman he in love.

  I shoulda never think    
  What's in your heart    
  What's in Our Home    
  So I will not    
 'll learn to hate me    
  But still call me baby    
  Oh love    
  So call me by my name    

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How To Cheat At Roulette In The Bookies

Solstice - Sun in Forks

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer .

Chapter 1
Forks Sun
I waited for Charlie to leave and I decided to do what he had been avoiding these two weeks, got in the car and I just got going. My heart beat frantic while doing the tour, almost without thinking. He had done enough times to know it by heart.
La Push was my second home but nothing took away the feeling that he should not have gone. I waited twenty minutes behind the wheel of the pickup, without even removing the keys from the ignition in case you decide to leave. Jacob and I had not spoken since that night we had gone to the movies, Jacob had acted very strange.
He had called in a couple of times, but only heard Billy's voice telling me how sick he was Jacob, but I knew the truth, it was a mistake that night at the movies. If Mike had not been ill, Jacob and I would not have done alone in a movie theater ... and probably all be the same.
sighed, knowing that without talking to him would not improve things, the past was, or had state-in my hands.
I got the car determined to see Jacob, I do not care if Billy told me he had a disease that is contagious with look, I walked with a firm step, or at least I thought-until I bumped into the trunk of a tree. He was about to fall when a warm hand-me-too hot subject.
"Bella, you okay? - I got up and walked away in a move very fast.
- Jake, "I ran to where it was intended to embrace.
"No, Bella, do not run no rush.
I stopped short, what was my hurry? Could fall back like an idiot.
Bella "I'm very sick, do not think you should come here, I will not infect you.
- Oh, come on Jake, what have you, fleas?
My sarcasm was not an iota of grace, in fact I thought she was angry with me. Although the way I looked at did not look like someone's angry, it was a sweet look, that kind of looks that you see in the movies. A look that I cried, unlike his words for me to stay. I loved Jacob, but wanted something more than a friend?
Jacob was handsome, no doubt, but could be more than friends, if after that trip to the movies had not returned to talk? The answer seemed to be not .
Since he had set foot in Forks, spent most of my time with Jake, maybe you should that our parents were very good friends and on my first day in Forks, Jacob was the first guy near my age who knew.
Podría decir que había cosas de Jacob que me fascinaban: su sonrisa, por ejemplo, era de las mejores cosas que existían para mí. Eso y sus abrazos. En definitiva deberían ser parte de los puntos turísticos de Forks, porque eran las dos mejores —quiero decir únicas— cosas buenas que tenía este pueblo. Aunque, ¿por qué querría yo que otros disfrutaran de algo que era mío ? La robusta figura de Jacob parecía envolverme cuando me abrazaba, era indescriptible, y tener la sensación en mi memoria me hizo desear más correr hacía donde él estaba. Pero me quedé ahí, solo imagining, thinking about how other people Jacob smiled, knowing smile that I loved was mine.
For some reason I was loving this cool summer of Forks, it was because he spent all day La Push. Life in school was depressing, there Angela Weber spoke only at lunch and in class we agreed, and once crossed word with that pixie part of Cullen, Alice. One day she was sitting me for lunch when she noticed that she ate alone because Angela was sick. It was totally strange to talk with her. Cullen did not talk to anyone, often between them. Since that time, maybe we talked a few times, but I felt very comfortable, first because we had nothing in common, did nothing but talk about clothes and that sort of things I did not interest me, and second, because was too beautiful, I had never seen anyone like that, and if only she, but the whole family seemed magazine, is overwhelming to talk to someone who should be on a catwalk.
Lost in my thoughts, I decided, I advanced a few steps and fell the same amount Jacob
"I do not do the Bella hardest things, please.
-Jacob, you who is complicating everything, what's the matter?
Jacob looked at me in a way so ... so ... different look that I stay I cried, I cried a million things more, Jacob seemed to be watching the sun on that cloudy morning in Forks. It was strange and comforting, no doubt.
"Just let me give you a hug Jake," he insisted.
He stood unanswered. Then I moved quickly before he changed his mind, I jumped into his arms and his body burned me, burned me, but did not seem bothered, now not only his body enveloped me, but its heat, a fever heat, I confirmed that Jacob must be very sick, how could he be so hot in this rainy town?
I broke up abruptly and began slapping the face.
-Fool, fool, "is shouted.
I took her hand that was beating to stop, I did not as expected. Some of my bones creaking, or maybe just imagined it, just know that Jacob's hand was like a stone. And it hurt.
shouted Jacob-Bella-Bella, how do these things? It's what I mean, you have to go, but his eyes kept telling me that I should stay.
"But Jake will be silly, you see that accidents do not care if I come hang out with helmet and bulletproof vest.
Jacob smiled, my smile, perhaps a sigh escaped me and immediate access to it, sure I blushed, but the hand pain was more intense and I did not account; Jacob took my hand rotates between his burning and the pain subsided.
"I think in an armored car would go unprotected, musical chuckled" Come, I'll take doctor.
Jake "Nothing, really, you do not, these things happen to me.
"No Bella, while you're with me, anything can happen.

Jacob won the argument and took me to hospital. I attended Dr. Cullen immediately treated as an emergency case, I think I blushed again, had not been the case if Jacob had not been so insistent that it was, I felt sorry, maybe someone was bleeding and I had attended to me first.
Jacob remained well away from me and the doctor, I noticed that the wrinkled nose constantly, it was understandable Jacob was be not less than 40 °, the doctors do not lose those opportunities to take a syringe and inject ... Ugh, injections. In addition to the hospital smell, the smell of sickness that you feel in your body and stays.
understood to Jake and his face I want to go , but it was there for me just for me.
I noticed that the doctor also had the wrinkled nose, smelled something in there, covertly leaned my head on my shoulder to make sure they were me. My hair smelled like strawberries, my favorite shampoo and doctor that probably smelled like vanilla, perhaps lavender was not sure. Doctors do not despise the smell of hospital, it was as if Charlie despise using the patrol. I did not give more around the issue, because the hand seriously hurt. Only cared for Jake and his fear of being injected.

"Jake, if you want to go home, I'm fine. Then I'll go with Charlie.
"Not yet Bella wrinkled her nose-I have to know you're okay.

- I'll call Jake, quiet, looked at the doctor and told - it is nothing serious right?

"No, it's just a sprain, will bind you from getting worse.
- See? "I smiled at Jake.

The doctor put bandages and Jake was staring at me.
-Auch, "I growled.

- See? - Jake smiled and in less than a second was on my side. I was hoping that the doctor did not charge a thermometer in his pocket.

The doctor said it was over, we left the hospital to my house. Jake handled my old pickup at a speed that I had no idea that the pileup enough. And yet, black Mercedes passed us and left us far behind. I had never seen this car in Forks, should be someone outside the village. The more brand new car that I saw was the silver volvo Cullen.
Jake left me at the door of the house, had been for him I would lay in my bed, but Charlie separated him from me, I was not sure why Charlie did not do the things with Jacob. So he went, he had no choice, but his eyes remained with me there as if Jacob had had their eyes glued to the wall of my room, but did not bother me, rather it was a good company.
That night I dreamed of two things that I already loved of Jacob, his smile and his hugs. And that was joined by his eyes and feverish heat, was strange. Anything related to being sick but I dislike the heat febrile Jake was wonderful.
I woke smiling, I saw the gray morning Forks and my smile remained, was the first time since he had come to this town I got up in a good mood, I guess it was related to the night's sleep she had had, because in fact it was also the first night he had not had nightmares.

I went downstairs, greeted Charlie and he smiled.

- What your hand?
- Well, the truth, the pain was nothing compared to yesterday.

"I see, was fired without saying a word and heard the patrol away.

I was alone at home while my breakfast cereal. That was the first day I tasted my breakfast.

The door rang and one minute I was thinking, I was so keen it was Jacob that if it was not him, I'd probably sit down and mourn to see another face. But there was no need ...

- Bella, Jacob - shouted from outside.
I thought about running but that I would arrive later, and that surely would encounter, so I slowly put my hand around the handle and I almost felt the heat radiating Jake. I opened it and saw his face, his perfect face ... marked by a dark eye circles so noticeable that even in his brown skin, but this did not diminish the perfection of Jacob Black, at least, maybe it was the whiteness of her
teeth or the desire I had to hug ... Or maybe it was that look wonderful on your dark circles. I did not know enough adjectives to describe how it was Jacob's eye, he was watching the morning sun is gray, and when Jacob saw the sun, I not only saw it, but felt its heat, but this was my Sun
particular, a sun that no one else saw, because people went walking in the thick waterproof, as I felt the need to take off my clothes. This was my sun, a sun better than Phoenix, the sun indeed any part of Arizona envy my sun, my Jacob Black.

- Welcome - greeted him enthusiastically.

- Hello, my dear distracted.

- What?

- For at least 10 minutes that you said hello.

- You are exaggerated, Jake.

- Bella is seriously, what were you thinking?

- In nothing in particular "I lied.

- So you prefer to think of anything to talk to me?

- Obvious Jake rolled his eyes will not believe I want to spend my valuable time with a fool like you.

- Bella hurt me, put his hand on his chest as if I had it pierced.
Then I could not resist that look, like that of one of those puppies newborn and jumped into his arms. Jacob and I got hot and I wrapped her body completely.

This time, I turned away, not wanting to do something stupid, I never had a boyfriend maybe I was imagining everything and the last thing I wanted was to ruin the friendship he had with Jake, my only best friend.
I invited my friend to go the house, we sat in the room and Jacob began the conversation with a phrase of those that leave you cold.

- Bella,
I have something to say.

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How To Eat Normally Anorexia

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