Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Rihanna: Being sexy is not a priority on my list

Rihanna has insisted that she did not want to be sexy. The singer, 23-year-old, whose raunchy video 'S & M' was banned in 11 countries, said it gives too much importance on being outrageous, and it really is uncomfortable that the label of sex symbol. Rihanna told Fabulous magazine: "Every time I hear it is certainly flattering, but also uncomfortable." 'That's not is high on my list, being a sex symbol or too sexy. I'm just a normal woman. I do not really focused on being a sex symbol ', said

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Kesha not offer concert in Japan by recent disasters

She's a sensation worldwide, but Ke $ ha, will not travel to Japan for a while by the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit the country. The singer of "Tik Tok", Kesha, yesterday issued a statement March 21 that expressed deep Although not keep their travel plans. Ke $ ha said: "My heart goes out to Japan at this time for this disaster and these difficulties. I honestly do not think now would be the appropriate time to conduct a concert in Japan. Since the content and spirit of my program is exuberant, noisy and wild. " 'I intend to take my music where the world can dance to. Meanwhile I will do everything possible to help relief efforts and encourage everyone in the world to do the same, "he said.

Friday, March 18, 2011

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Confirmed: Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas ended because of their schedules

A representative Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas has confirmed that the couple has separated itself from a long time. As reported, Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas have decided to end their romance because of the difficult times to manage and now a representative for the couple said: 'We can confirm that we have separated and have no further comment. " A source close to Ashley Greene also told E! Online: "They were separated a long time to work. The relationship never been so serious, just wanted to have fun. It is worth mentioning, Ashley Greene has been seen with the Kings Of Leon bassist Jared Followill, New York, which fuels speculation that they are starting a relationship.

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Rebecca Black: I love Justin Bieber

'And a third time, I LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER . Do not believe everything they hear "said Rebecca Black through his Twitter account. The singer became popular with his first music video 'Friday' and not because everybody likes.

No, this is not an admission of Rebecca tried thus explaining that he likes the music of Justin Bieber because previous tweets wrote:

'Forget Bieber Fever, I have jajajaja -. Black Plague made my day '

More than belieber she was enraged and insulted, but there was more to insult belieber told a warning.

'Do not you dare challenge the belieber or not you glad (Friday) Friday'

Rebecca Black of 13 years learned that Justin Bieber should not get involved, especially having so many around the world beliebers .


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Mother of Katy Perry wants to publish a book about his memories

mother Katy Perry is trying to get a memoir published, which explains how her daughter's career has affected their ministry Christian. The pop star , Katy Perry, talked about his religious upbringing, while his mother, Mary Hudson and her father Keith Hudson are preachers. The singer was raised in a strict Christian home and she was only allowed to listen to religious music. Katy Perry's has always insisted that their parents are all for the decisions of his career, though not always want to hear the song 'I Kissed A Girl', song that made her famous worldwide.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Glee could do an episode about Elvis Presley

Priscilla Presley has indicated its desire that the popular Glee do an episode focused on her late husband, Elvis Presley . The actress also said the program should pay tribute to Elvis. When asked if he was a fan of Glee , Priscilla Presley said: "I think it's great. Dberían do an episode of Elvis . It would be very good. Why not? ". Moreover, when asked his opinion on Justin Bieber , Priscilla Presley remarked: "Now times have changed. Times are very different. Justin Bieber is doing well at his young age, but the question is how long can stay on top. "

Monday, March 14, 2011

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Selena Gomez: my purity ring is not important to anyone but my

The Disney star Selena Gomez , is a devout Christian and not believe in sex before marriage. The singer prays before every TV show and use a silver purity ring since he was 12 years. However, selena gomez related that does not like to talk about their virginity and their way of seeing things with anyone because it is something that only it is for her. "I'd rather not talk about my purity ring, not wanting to push my fans," said Selena Gomez. 'The ring is not important to anyone but me. " As recalled, Selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with Justin Bieber last month in the party post-Oscars Vanity Fair

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Demi Lovato would have donated 50 thousand dollars to victims of earthquake in Japan

Demi Lovato in an attempt to help the recovery of Japan, have donated $ 50 000, and reported by the U.S. portal Disneyinfo. Similarly, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift be one of the teen stars have also donated in solidarity with the Asian country. It is said that Taylor Swift have donated nearly one million dollars, while the sum of the other artists is still unknown.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Taylor Swift will be presented Awards in the Academy of Country Music

Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean will present at the 46th Annual Academy Awards Country Music at CBS, on 3 April. The special, produced for television by dick clark productions, will be broadcast live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and singers of country music do their best presentations.