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Twisted Dreams - Chapter 7

Disclaimer: The family Cullen, Denali & Vulturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.

Summary: Sequel to Dream Encounter "Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC


twisted dreams "Dreams end when the individual awakens" Alberto Barradas

A pair of red eyes staring at me expectantly. Did not recognize his thirst as he had seen them at other times in the blackness of the eyes of Edward. This thirst was different because it would reasons for not attacking. In fact, I attack. Dry swallowed and felt the unstoppable beat of my heart. I figured that was provocative listen to a vampire can perceive the sound of my blood running through my veins. I clenched my fists only sign of nervousness, he would not fight, not knowing they had no chance of winning. But no, wanted to give my life as if it were to offer a lunch-though it was the equivalent -. I looked. Her angelic face, his features fine and bloodlust did not correspond. I repented. I did not even want to stop mourn for hours.

-Amanda whispered to muffled voice and a point of breaking glass in an explosion.

His lips drew an evil smile and then returned to be inverted smile his face always showed. Gasp and felt a tear run down my face. I did not want to show weakness, but the fact of death at the hands of a vampire was not on my list of things I want to do.

I repented. Why had he chosen to have an enemy? Because I had just searched. He had hated and I was accustomed to his presence without that change my feelings for her. At that time, a feeling of wanting to kneel and ask forgiveness was all that I ran. Do not want to die. Not there. Not your hands.

"Mary whispered benevolent. He approached me and his lips showed a strange grin that made me shiver.

-Mary-repeated, but this time more hysterical and even male. I panicked and felt a pair of hands shake me relentlessly -. Mary! Cried a voice and opened my eyes making sure that everything had been a horrible dream. Quiet breath to see Edward and threw me to mourn their arms. He stroked my hair gently.

I wiped the tears from her eyes and looked around. That was not my home. And that, was Jacob. Not everything was a dream-yes the most terrifying - but it was true. Amanda was a newborn and loved me.

"Everything will be fine," said Edward, but I knew he was not even sure.

How could rest easy knowing that death was waiting for you? How could you, knowing that death knew your every move?

Edward handed me a clean change my school uniform.

"Today will go to school. The safest thing is that Amanda will not, in any case, do not walk alone. And try, that your company is Carlos.

I nodded and walked into a small cubicle which looked like a bathroom to change and fix.


"You have too dark circles," Vanessa said holding out his spell. I looked at her and shook my head -. What happened to Mary?
did not sleep well.

I decided it was best not to put Vanessa in my problems. Amanda did not want to see that she knew everything and wanted to take the same course that I already had insurance.

- How are my girls! "Asked Carlos joyful embracing the two -. Why missed you, Mary? The day was most boring. I could not but be with Vanessa. Amanda also missed.

The mention of his name chills my skin. Now he could only remember her as the vampire killer of my dreams. It was impossible not to think of it with two rubies for eyes.

"Well," I muttered, but my voice was lost in the echo of the bell of the school and my vision was to what he hoped not to see, she was there in our midst. A thirsty vampire among students with fresh blood. I pressed my hand

arm around Carlos and I felt my legs weaken.

- Amanda! He shouted and waved his free hand and she smiled. I did not look their eyes in fear. I did not want to meet the vision of the killer who terrified me. I pressed further to Carlos and I felt that I was hurting, but he made no complaint.

- How are you? He asked kindly. Carlos

let go of me to give you a kiss on the lips. I shivered. Vanessa told him that was great and I kept my eyes down and as I had to close again Carlos I turned to grab his arm.

Fuego. I felt that fire he had seen in the movies go my skin in contact with Carlos and I had no choice but to drop my friend. "Sorry

ruled that," Amanda - was my fault, Mary.

not looked at it. And what is blamed?

- I can see you for a moment ... Mary?

"I mumbled the class began.

-hissed urgently -. Are we left alone? He asked and begged my friends because they refused, but instantly moved into the room.

- What do you want? I asked with a trembling voice, looking at my hands and tying knots with my fingers.

"At this moment, looking at me.

looked up so quickly which I did not watch it and then I returned to my hands.

"Look, Mary.

I raised my head and met his eyes. Gulped. I met the pair of eyes always opaque coffee beans.

You know, the eyes can deceive. Jacob's voice rang in my head.

- Do you see anything different? He asked without changing the expression on his face.


Obviously not. I would not go to school with a pair of red eyes, it was obvious who wore contact lenses as it had done Bella. I had to hide among humans.

"Because I have not changed at all ... at least not too much," sighed -. I met Emmett, I said it was a great friend of yours and your brother. Convinced me that this was not what I wanted and Carlisle spoke with the Volturi.

- Do not you converted?

"Not really," explained -. I was given a second dose of the poison of Jane. Did you know that it conveys a little of the gift? "I felt flushed and human then it was -. Sorry about the fire. It happens when I'm jealous.

"Then it happens all the time," laughed noting that in reality, Amanda was not bad.

"did not mean to kill you. The Volturi want to convince you to become, but also Carlisle helped there. He explained that for now do not part with Edward, so you always have around, they did not need to remove yourself, not with that facility. You deserve to live.

sighed with relief.

"No kill a fly," he said with a sincere smile he had seen in years -. Try to control my jealousy, because I know that Carlos loves you and you love him, but I know they are incapable of being anything but friends.

"Exactly," smiled.

"I think, that's it.

"You're immortal ...

" Yes, "he said in a tone that seemed gay.

- Did you say to Carlos?

"I want him to know that I will never die and that if ever he does, I will miss him every day from today.

"I always thought that you loved him.

"I realized that I did yesterday. It was everything going through my mind when deciding whether or not I became. He was everything you told me not to. Felt that not being able to approach it would be the end of my life, and then what worth eternity and be above all others?

I kept thinking about his words. For the love of Charles she had chosen to be human, and why Edward love I could not choose to be like him?

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My Little Angel


Disclamer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, the story is dedicated to my special friend. Finally had

eventually, the moment he had been waiting, the time to see my little kicker to my EJ, I knew I have fought against all odds to end his fruit would have my son in my arms would make it all worth it just to serious view of the fact my overall happiness. Edward

would realize it was not as bad as I thought, though very well be that you love as I love him too.

But something is wrong, can not be, I feel that my body does not respond ... ... .. because I feel this way?, If I am finally going to see the little person I love most in this world, my kicker, to My EJ, son Edward and I have procreated together, can not get anything wrong, I can not be removed my happiness.

is a complicated ... ... ... I hear that Edward said, I am afraid I do not want anything happens to our child.

Carlisle says You have to decide do not have much time - I can not love Bella but I love our son too, and ask me to decide who lose ... ... ... now I understand my fear but I can not lose our son, but that means losing Edward. Breathless

mean achievement - Carlisle and I decide I decide to save our son, but do not think this child is just do what we always join Edward and I save it is my desire, Carlisle nods and starts save our son, I hear a crunch and then crying at the end there is my EJ, my little angel. Bella

I can not live without you, might not after all this time and now find you ... ... .. have to lose - do not miss me in your arms now have our son, My little angel, take care, protect, and teach him to be an angel to look after him for all eternity.

I could close my eyes in peace, as now my son is alive and I'll be your angel for all eternity. Eliza Cullen


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Twisted Dreams - Prophecies written

Disclaimer: The Cullen family, Denali & Vulturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.

Summary: Sequel to Dream Encounter "Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC


written Prophecies "believe in the goodness, so do the evil"

I lay in bed after a long hot bath. The field trip had ended up being anything but what I expected, thankfully, that meant it was a perfect day for me.

- Sleep? Velvet voice whispered closing the window gently. Waiting
-whispered and made a space next to me.

"Sleep, you gotta be tired. His fingers icy

drew circles on my skin leading me in dreamland. I turned to face him and caught his lips and then test your naughty language. He squeezed his body and I realized then that my Edward was adapted with incredible ease to what I wanted, and my Edward, Edward was just the one I wanted. I wanted this, wanted to kiss him, I wanted to hug and that was the limit. He wished that our commitment was what had been until then, something formal with the statement that there would be eternal, without ties poisonous join us, but simply a love that was unable to explain with words, a love which revealed to him looking to his golden eyes, his lips kissing and hugging velvet ice your body.

whispered "I love you flipping my hair behind my ear. It was hard to tell, I could not do with the practicality that he did, but I knew my Edward knew. I pressed her body, I touched your skin with my eyelashes and kissed her neck.

"Thanks," mumbled traveling towards my dreams - to go with me today, you made my day perfect. Thanks for sharing the secret with Vanessa.

"You know," she said wisely -. I listened.

His voice whispered a beautiful song which immediately took me to a blue sea, where I held him while his body shone over all, and for some reason, I felt perfectly comfortable with that.


the way to school, I felt like my future was clarified for me as the sun rising on a cloudy day. Edward wanted and probably would want at my side forever. But as he had once known, would not be able to get away from my friends and family with the ease of an eye. Vanessa Edward had asked me not to become, she too was ready for me to walk away and feel the fear of bleeding next to me. I've always been too human. I of which can hardly endure hunger or run miles without feeling tired. I was not born, unlike Bella - to be a vampire. I was born as Mary, the girl who fell in love with a vampire, but before that he lived surrounded by human and loved a lot too. To me, Bella chose Edward over all things because they simply had not known the benefits of being a normal girl. I do. Bella rejected heat from a friend knowing that also could have it forever. I do not. Mary, could lose Carlos, Vanessa and Emily overnight, and had lost loved ones in your life, and was not willing to go through that pain with that practice.

I walked down the hallway of the school to get to my locker. The first class of the day was Chemistry and should hurry because there were five minutes to the start of the class and the teacher was very strict as far as time is concerned. I took my books to the subject and felt someone behind me. When I turned around, my heart stopped. It was not Carlos, as expected - Emilio was not, as feared.

- Jacob? I asked incredulously when he saw the boy I had at least two heads standing in front of me. He wore a tight blue shirt and pants integers. Deep breath and realized that really was the presence of another character from my favorite book.

"Mary said with confidence, sure that he was talking to me. It took me by the arm pulling me to the front door without uttering another word. Although his grip was strong, I did no harm.

-ventured "I have classes in an attempt to let go. "You

in danger, "cried hoarsely ruffling my skin, something told me I was right, although I did not consider myself a princess in distress.

"I know about Edward, I know all about him," I said as I rose to the Rabbit, closed the door locked and in an instant was in the driver's seat starting the engine. I'm not in danger, say his name Jacob so strange to me as it had been him, or say at the outset that of Edward.

- Do you know why am I here?

I realized that Edward had nothing to do with this matter. Had made some wince when I say your name or not be assured at risk.

"No, I sounded insecure and felt my voice tremble.

"Then you know why you are in danger.

The Rabbit was moving so fast that I had time to look at people crossing the streets, however, Jacob seemed to know the exact use to which we were. For a moment, I felt terrified. What if the threat itself was Jacob? Volturi had met and wanted no part of me and Vanessa assured that my life followed the pattern of the book. No enemy had shown signs ... until now.

"I'm trying to help," he said hoarsely, looking directly at eyes.

My cell phone started ringing with the song assigned to Edward, I looked at the screen a few times and for some reason, Jacob waited for authorization to attend.

"Hello, I tried to sound calm but I noticed that my voice seemed to belong to me - I'm ...

- Are you with Jacob? Asked Edward. I froze. I had been kidnapped by the werewolf, now, it seemed that my boyfriend knew everything and was not sure I feel better for it.


"Heed what I say, I will meet you at one time.

I was cold. I heard silence on the other side and let the phone down on my legs.

- Did he say anything important?

"We are at a mumbled confused.


Jacob was all he said before a little more speed. I stuck my view of the speed indicator and saw him exceed 150 kilometers per hour. Deep breath and felt my phone vibrate. It was Vanessa. Wondered why he had missed a class. I did not answer. For some reason, I felt that whoever it was my enemy, and knew my movements and would not intrude on my fragile friends human in what could be a tragedy.

.. Jacob

parked the car in front of a house of one story that did not remember seeing before. In fact, I did not know where in town I was, but now, he could confide in Jacob. I felt he was the one to protect me. Jacob pushed the little gate that opened into a garden, and I gave way. Closed behind him and opened the house wearing a key around his neck. Pulled another from his pocket and handed it to me.

"If you ever get afraid, you can come here.

- Do you have any protection?

felt that if I was afraid, the need.

"Yes ... I thought that would not add more. We entered the house and Jacob sat down and asked me to do so. I did it on his side because it made me feel safer -. The vampires who kill humans can not enter this house. It's a weird system that Carlisle designed years ago. Basically working with eye color. But it has other ... mechanisms. You know, the eyes can deceive.

nodded at him and then my eyes strayed to the small and cozy home. Certainly it seemed a safe place.

- Are you friends with the Cullens?

"Yes. If you read books not think so, but it has to do with all that is happening.

- Who is behind this? Who is my enemy?

"The Volturi are the mastermind, of course. But his new acquisition is who will come after you.

gulped and prepared to hear the worst. The door opened and my heart froze as if the poison ran through him now.

- Have you told? Edward asked, closing with insurance.

"I was about Jacob smiled warmly that the book described it perfectly.

Edward sat next to me and I was in the middle of the vampire and werewolf. My boyfriend grabbed my hand to yours and I noticed that Jacob was uncomfortable. Breath and my heart took its normal rhythm.

-The Volturi have Amanda, "said Edward Jacob and not looking at me, then your stronger hand pressed against mine and his golden eyes watched me with fear marked on -. Jasper and Emmett are trying to convince. But Key and Jane have a lot more power.

- convince her?

Something told me that Amanda was not the damsel in distress. Failure

-converted. I swallowed

dry. What could cause someone like her, who had it all, to want to become that?

-Jane has got things on my mind. One of them, you are his enemy and want to destroy it. Several times I noticed that too thought vampires did not like you. The vampires of his mind appeared as the tales of terror, hooded willing to give everything for blood. Cree to be immortal is the solution to their problems. For starters, think you have problems. The Volturi want to kill you and have been convinced that it is those who do. They do not want to stain your hands, like Pontius Pilate.

I could not even swallow dry. Grip Edward became more delicate as if he had said to note that pure bad news. Jacob put his hand on my knee and as always, feel the warmth of my body was soothing.

"You must not worry," said Jacob -. The entire pack is ready to protect you, we will not let any bloodsucker, no offense, Edward made a gesture to relax - or get close to you hurts you.

- What about Carlos?

Jacob gave a nervous laugh.

"He is well and truly is no time to worry about others. Amanda only wants you, the Volturi are behind you, the tone of his voice became agitated.

- Volturi Why I want? What did I do?

"That question seems more rational, he said Jacob.

-made one copy of the books. Books that told stories of vampires that would captivate any teenager, but only one would be able to find them. That he did, it would be because he has a gift for years have been seeking. A gift that does not want for themselves, a gift that want to destroy.

"I have no gift. I'm not good at all.

"Yes I have. You can go undetected among us, discover our secrets and be part of it without us noticing. Remember how I told you that Alice did not see you coming? "I said - appeared, but as a diffuse form between humans perfectly clear. Aro did not see you in my memories. Appeared as black spots between diaphanous landscapes. You are an escapist!

"I can go unnoticed" I explained.

- Ever had the feeling that no one hears you or sees you? Not as bad as you thought.

"The house has no special protection. It is a place designed to expand Carlisle gift of any vampire to enter. Volturi you can not track you, but to us, but in this house, your gift is large and hidden from us all.

"You must be here, at least today, is a neophyte Amanda and is thirsting for you.

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Peirceings In Bootcamp

Twisted Dreams - Meeting of two worlds

Disclaimer: The Cullen family, Denali & Volturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.

Summary: Sequel to Dream Encounter "Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC

- What about you?

"I'll walk you to school," she repeated calmly as I looked puzzled.

- Do you know what I'm looking for?

- Are your sunglasses? Ironically said shaking fuzz pants.

- Why do you think I wear sunglasses? I asked sarcastically.

"Because the sun is shining," answered in the same tone I had used.

- And how the hell will walk shining out there?

- Is that your problem?

"It could be another, Edward Cullen and not a game I added to see that smile.

"Do not take a game, just not a big deal, the sun will be at the moment. Going to rain.

- Do you have a 1000 percent certain of that?

"Yes, ma'am," with the same crooked smile -. Have not I said that one of the wards of Aro predicts time?

- Why trust a pupil of Aro?

"To be honest I do not know, is one of those ring remains hidden, but not bad, I assure you.

"Unless one drop of water, have to say you're gay and you use ice in the body.
smiled and approached his body -. I thought you would like to be with you.

"And I love" I said putting on tiptoe to kiss your lips with a delicate touch.

"I love hearing that, my princess, raised a flutter of butterflies flying in my stomach to hear that. I kissed him again and that did not lack that neither spoke again.


- Eduardo Why stay in the shade? Carlos asked, looking into the distance. The sun shone with such intensity that it seemed absurd that it was raining that day.

-Best-accused had not come rolling eyes and Vanessa taking her boyfriend's hand. "Maybe

hoped it would rain and the sun does not like Amanda said with a shrug.

How? How on earth could she know exactly what had happened?

Edward moved into the shadows and waved to hello, in doing so, the sun reflected in his hand and sending a spark to all of us who watched from afar.

gulped and hoped that no one imagined what it was.

-Ah. Tell her not to greet us with that hand, should have a ring or something, "complained Vanessa covering her face in the shirt of Louis.

I crossed my arms.

The rest of the field trip was spent turning me every five seconds to make sure that Edward was hidden in the shadows. The mere fact of seeing the sun shine with such intensity that made me think it would not rain and I became more suspicious of what he wanted. It seemed as if "one of the wards of Aro" screening had this happen. Edward was expounding to humans, also knew that my friends were smart. The probability of being discovered was so high that my field trip was ruined completely. My friends would know today about Edward and in doing so, my whole world would become again.

- Is something wrong? Vanessa asked me at a time when he was with her and Luis.

-Luis, would you leave us?

He nodded politely and went looking for Vanessa to be sure that doing the right thing, she smiled and he went to where they were Carlos and Amanda.

- Do you have to do with Edward's here? He asked.

"It's hard too, Ness had never joined my two worlds, and I feel that I put aside to be with you, it's like ... not be the same species and could not mix.

"For a moment I thought that stressed out you have Emilio and Edward in the same place.

- What? No, rather it is to have Edward, Charles and yourself in the same place. All fit in my heart but when I want in one room, there is simply no space.

"It happens to everyone, Mary. Remember when I started with Luis, always left aside. Even out with you, I will gradually integrate with you and then everything became easier. The same happened with Carlos, only that there is actual guilt of Amanda, is the natural cycle. Emilio did not live with because they shared friends, but this time everything is different. When you said what species, I think you guessed right, it's as if Edward was a different world, one that you want to drag and I'm not sure you want to go in there.

gulped. Vanessa knew everything. All without knowing anything.

"Is that ... is what you said," I said with sad eyes.

"Maybe you just need something to unite us," she smiled and looked the sky that quickly began to cloud. I smiled

also looking at the sky and the first drop fell on my face. Could ask for more?

I stood from my chair as fast as I could and for a moment I felt trapped in a love story, yes, The Notebook, Edward ran and got me in his arms. I reached her lips and kissed him enjoying the rain fall on my skin, I did not mind the effect that had on my hair, only in her skin Edward. I only cared that and my boyfriend did not shine in the sun. I felt a weight off my shoulders and that the universe was agreed that we belonged, it was too by a simple rain, but I never thought it would rain on a day like that.

- afraid of the sun? Vanessa asked sarcastically when we go back to where she sat. The three were completely soaked and water tragábamos speech. Luis smiled like a fool and Vanessa began to call for it to come to the roof to dry. She did not attend -. Well? Challenging asked raising an eyebrow. I tensed taking Edward's arm and he cleared his throat.

"I'm a vampire, suddenly said to me was as if the rain had stopped falling and the sun had been shining. No, Edward had not revealed his secret.

Vanessa sighed, swallowed hard and opened her mouth with trembling lips.

- Do you kill people?

-only animals.

-will reveal your secret on television if I make an oath, Edward Cullen. Promise me to look after Mary and swear your secret and not turn it into one like you. The need, I need, "he said looking at me - I need you to be my friend and not a vampire.

Vanessa At what point had understood everything? How had so easily understood what I had been slow to assimilate knowledge history from the beginning?

- How ...?

Edward interrupted me.

"I promise, Vanessa.

Those words stuck in my heart, how Edward had agreed with that facility not to become, after having been so reluctant to do this?, What time my two worlds had been found and had done so harmoniously? Now, the universe was spinning and dropping rain did not seem to be in my favor. I did not know that both my two worlds meant having to choose one of them ... human. Vanessa

had placed conditions on me as easily as I said to call her or tell me something about Luis. Vanessa and Edward had decided my future and my present without giving me a say either. Edward

just retired time the clouds gathered and the sun and the rainbow blossomed between them.

- How do you know? I asked, his voice caught in a knot.

"I got some books in my house. Four. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward Cullen, the main character falls for a young man whose blood is attracted too, but love is stronger ...

- Where did you find that?

"I told you in my house. Here the show but did not find.

"I had the same books, then I met Edward.
I told the truth about how he had known, when he was asked about his secret truths about the gifts and where he had been while I was half dead.

"The story is repeated in a different way. Love you, I quit and now comes the battle. Their fight is not with Carlos and I'm afraid you're getting into Emily in the middle, Mary.

-Emilio Jacob is not the story.

"Now tell me, who is Victoria? That worries me a lot more.

"I have no enemies, Ness, no one wants to kill me.

"Nobody you know.

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France Indian Driving Licence

Twisted Dreams - The trunk of the secrets

Disclaimer: The Cullen family, Denali & Vulturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.

Summary: Sequel to find Dream-Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC

The trunk of the secrets
"Dig up your secrets and find someone else's"

- What?
"We need to get done, Ness.
"No, no," shaking her head countless times, I would object if I had not seen. They are more in love than ever.
-Vanessa, trust me, please.
"I will not. Not this time, Mary. They are happy and that ... -Missed the insult is being ported to match up is trying to be our friend.
-Tactics, Ness.
"This time he said sadly.
"Well, I have to work on my own and believe me that I have reason and Vanessa are going to want to be a part of it.
"For once I'll be disappointed. Edward I was hoping
100%, was believing that Amanda was not good, although I had given the impression that it was so recent days-the same one that Vanessa did not want to be part of the plan, working alone. Or not exactly.

-Katherine-hissed while she pulled things from his locker.
- Mary! "She cried and hugged me, I have like ages since I talk to you.
"I know, I was a little lost.
"You always lose.
"Yes" I smiled.
-You bring an intention and I try to say no.
"Yes," I said biting my lip - but it's one you like.
"If this is Carlos, and left everything to one side. We do not operate, Mary and not try it again.

"But ..." Sorry, Mary, closed his locker and looked at me sadly. He frowned and walked away. What
supposed to do now? Would Edward right? He had always been very intuitive and this time Amanda seemed to have changed. I had never tried to be our friend ... unless that was exactly his plan. I looked at Amanda
drinking water from a fountain, holding his long hair, black and smooth to the side for sipping mojárselo not. I was watching and noticed that his cell phone rang. I walked quietly out to where she was. I stood in front of a poster pretending to inscribe me in some extra activity.
- Hello? "I put alert as soon took the call -. Yes, master. I'm still working on it-silence on his side, seemed to wait for someone else to take the phone -. Jane, how are you ... do not think that really scare her, she also has a disturbing look ...'ll tell you clearly. Goodbye.
I concentrated on the billboard and she looked around, I noticed that he had been cold to me so close.
- Mary! He exclaimed with enthusiasm and warmth. Waved and walked past me while I smiled hoped not to show hypocrisy.
I stood next to the billboard and even started looking for a pen in my bag to simulate the sheet I wrote in the theater group. "Here," said
a warm voice and saw a pen within reach of my hand.
"Oh, thank you, Emilio," I smiled. Romeo & Juliet
hissed as I took the pen. I leaned on the blade and took it off instantly.

"Actually I have no time to participate," he handed the pen - take, thank you very much, "she smiled and avoided those emerald eyes looking at it so many times I had been weakened by a decision.
"Too bad, I would register. "Come
said taking a step back for him to stay closer to the card.
"No, I wanted to register because you would.
I lowered my head and sighed. I noticed he made a wry face
- Really we lost? Sighed.
his words about our actions because they said so. Although she was sure to love Edward, you always have that ... love, gratitude, I would not know what to call, who was our first love.
I nodded slightly and kept low. Instantly he felt his hands always cold sweat and for some reason, I loved raising my chin. He smiled and I was infected, but my mouth only achieved a twisted gesture.
- So good is your boyfriend?
"It's the Eighth Wonder" I lied - but do not think they will leave.
"I guess I deserve it," smiled sincerely and then bit her lower lip -. I wonder what did I do with you, how I did not realize I loved you?
"Because you did, Emilio. Nor I loved you. It was just infatuation.
- In-love-up? He asked, spreading the word. "That," said
chuckle -. How often do we lie?
I do not know, every time I said that ours would not work.
"And every time we tried that worked. Ay
Mery, do not change, "he said and walked to my involvement in her arms. It was wonderful to find myself there, because I always miss the warmth of a hug. Always wanted more than I have, because I always find something Edward did not fit me.
"Tell me your story again with Emilio and try to understand why this is not dangerous.
-Vanessa "I strongly -. It is dangerous because there was never anything between us.
"But they were always ready. Always one step.
"You know the story and know that's not true.
"No, Mary, that's the point, always tell the story means. Would you Edward said you were going to dance?
- NO! If I say seek ways to come and do not want that, I know that can not be here.
"Tell me everything that you lived with Emilio. Now!
Vanessa sighed and did not change the face as if to grilling him but preferred to wait for me to speak.
"It was everything a game. He asked me to be his girlfriend and did not want, then I regretted it and he decided to make me jealous with what he could. It was horrible, Ness, as if he wanted me dice. Then we decided to give us a chance knowing that it would not work, because neither was interested in the other. We just wanted to try, do not miss time. Obviously it did not work and we were forced to end. There were kisses, hugs and hand-made, but nothing more, all meant nothing. For when we were together we had lost everything.
"Yeah, will the rest? "I was challenged by raising an eyebrow.
"That's all.
"And I was born yesterday ...
" That's all, "I said and I had endured his face if I had been lying, but did not. Was telling the truth because I was damn tired of secrets and reveal them as many as I could because I felt that was unloaded weight of a large backpack that was carrying, and the vampires were the heaviest thing he had in it.

.. "Good afternoon
delicious velvety voice muttered as he left my bag on my bed. Her cold fingers down my neck and then pose a delicate kiss me sigh.
I did not know you were here "I whispered sitting in bed.
"I wanted to surprise you. I owe many hours, many minutes, many seconds, "he said as he kissed my neck making me mouth breathing with slow exhalations.
I laid my hands on his shoulders. A part of me take his shirt and demanded that he do the same with me, but my rational side insisted that it would not work, in that while I take off his shirt he withdraw mine and would not go anywhere. My rational side also insisted that he could not go anywhere and crave for security when they knew the fate of Bella.
- Bella exist? Suddenly asked as his lips approached mine.
Edward retired, raised an eyebrow. He shook his head and returned to my lips. I sighed mentally and next thing I felt was just surprised. I lay in bed and he did it on my lips kissing me more and more passion, force. I bit his sensitive lips made of silk as he took my tongue with his own without making a need to be.
My hands pulled his shirt and he began to lower the level of kisses, he left me and did not really give me time to miss him. He closed the door of my room and came back to me.
I thought everything was really perfect, I thought I was starting to like my Edward, who knew the books, so I thought. I felt her cold touch caressing my arm and opened my eyes to face reality.
"I do not want to wake muttered hugging, seemed to be dreaming about something you liked.
- How? I asked, confused.
She bit her lower lip and gave me a wry smile.
"You were moaning my name.
- Moaning? I asked surprised -. Too high?
"No, almost in a whisper, but you did.
"Wait ... damn, was it a dream?
nodded slightly and pulled me to her body.
"Sleep quiet, closed my eyes and let me go to the sea of \u200b\u200bdreams in her arms. The heat was horrible when I stayed close to him, notwithstanding the possibility that he caused me more ... and sleep. I started to go towards my dreams when I swore that whispered: - Some Dreams Come True and nailed a kiss on my lips closed.

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Can A Divorced Muslim Women Masterbate

twisted dreams - All returns to normal river

Disclaimer: The Cullen family, Denali & Vulturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.

Summary: Sequel to Dream Encounter "Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC

All river returns to normal
"But the causes of the absence of something is reversed tragedies"

- Mary? Vanessa's voice was lost amid the noise of the place. The voice of Carlos also mentioned my name. Luis touched my forearm and Amanda remained quiet and even the hated something told me that she was the only one who knew what was happening.
I felt like running for Volterra against clockwise. Yes, I felt like Bella in New Moon. My legs were numb and I could not get out of the chair, but knew it was not necessary.
-Mary "His voice was the only sound that my brain processed. It was like plugging an appliance after trying to turn it on without success. Everyone always should have known that he was the only solution.
I got up and found my place in his arms, which surrounded me. Her lips fell on my hair and I felt like my scent recorded in memory.
- Am I dreaming? I asked, clinging to his shirt. Honey, lilac, sunlight. I looked at his messy bronze hair and crooked smile forming on his face.
"No, but I think I do -. He bowed his face and left his lips to mine, the only touch of the icy texture, velvety. Nothing could compare with it. Marked a path of kisses down my face and then returned to surround myself with his arms.
- Why. What. Later. Both? "I said running over the words.
"We were delayed, Edward sent a quick glance at the table of my friends -. I'll tell you later. Go at night, "whispered in my ear.
"No, no. What is it? I'm with you, now.
-Mary-supported one of his hands on my cheek -. You can not, his face expressed pain. His eyes had a flash black, had not they been hunting? -. Go at night. I'll explain everything in detail.
"Okay," I muttered, but could stay too.
"No, he looked back at the table -. They know nothing, right?
-No. How do you think?
"Well," I kissed her again and winced walked back.
a moment I was watching retreating Human gait-a -, swallowed dry, and returned to the table.
"It seems that someone has no problem with two guys kissing in a day, another day had grabbed her hair and could have choked at the source of the mall.
"Looks like someone is jealous," she smiled.
"Explain how you found" Vanessa was impressed.
-Susy must have said "I shrugged.
-Ok ... that's irrelevant. Explain how you let him go.
-Vane ... just get away. They have something to do with your family.
-Seriously, what century is Eduardo? -Glared at Carlos with a look-you may have sent a message.
"Maybe he lost his phone was stolen ... ... wanted to see me ... and shut up.
Carlos looked at me.
"I should stand up and hug myself Maríajosefinaermenegilda're back! "He said as if that was my full name, placed his hand on my arm and feel the heat after the cold embrace of Edward came perfect. But it was all I felt there was also a fire that never seemed to come from friction. I pulled my arm in a casual gesture and smiled at my friend. Edward
not want my friends know nothing. My thoughts left the conversation. Why? Are the Volturi, of course ... but.
Something was wrong. The way Edward had said. He knew I knew the secret was unrevealed. Was my friend a werewolf? A werewolf willing to kill my boyfriend? No, I was in my fairy tale. Edward had returned and my life would return to march to perfection.
.. Indeed

look "The Apprentice vampire." I'll never know that this was the movie, because for the hour and a half I was thinking about what it was strange that Edward had seen my friends. No need to read your mind to know that he had seen something strange.
- What did you think you miedosaalosvampiros? Carlos asked me while bouncing a glass of soda.
"Very good," I muttered.
- Are you afraid of vampires? Amanda asked me in a tone of superiority. Did she used a different tone when speaking?
"A little, I lied -. I suppose some day I pass.
I did not like the way I gazed at her.
"Do not worry Mary, Carlos put his arm behind my back and again I felt a kind of fire, I crouched down as if something had fallen to me to get rid of the grip -. If you encounter a vampire, I kill him, "he continued as if nothing -. No vampire will hurt a friend of mine.
- What? "I felt out of place. Please do not be a wolf. It was all I could think -. Now hunts vampires? I asked with curiosity and hoping not to hear the answer.
"Do not hunt, I looked into his eyes -. Killed.
A shiver ran down my spine all I had to make a great effort to keep walking and pretend that everything was fine.
"You shut up," said Amanda hitting the chest and I was grateful for the first time you opened your mouth. "You send
He said squeezing her body.
hated it. Yes But Carlos loved her and this new opportunity that had been given seemed real. They seemed happy and should be the only thing that mattered. At least for now.

"Good night, his velvety voice was music to my ears. Brushed my skin as if it were the very piano and gently placed a kiss on the corner of my lips.
"Good night, answered with a beating heart in a hurry.
"I guess I owe you some explanations," sighed -. Our hunting trips usually take three days, as they have been taken before ... do not I meant nothing, but would go to a nearby mountains, which would save us a whole day-I watched as I sat in bed and made him a space -. But obviously we ended up using two more days ... "Her voice broke, I was silent and I felt my dad was moving in bed.
- What happened? I asked as my dad went back to snoring.
-The nearest mountains are not bleak ... there ... "I looked as his Adam's apple stirred by the way she was swallowing dry - ... human. Most of us can control and we focus on the bears ...
-Jasper, "I interrupted. I wanted my voice sounded firm but did not.
Edward nodded, his fingers entwined with mine and looked into my eyes.
-not killed anyone, but we took control. Of course we had to isolate a few days. It is not easy when you feel so tempted. We had to watch him not to go out hunting by himself ... we are not passed since Emmett joined the family.
"Okay, I understand everything.
"No, not right. I wanted to come at least to explain ... but ... "Jasper noticed how difficult it was to speak of issue-when he wants something, it is very difficult to control. It can topple Emmett, not even listen to Alice or Carlisle.
"Easy, Edward pressed his hand to feel the support.
"Actually, it's you that I care about," he muttered.
-Jasper will not hurt me.
"I know. I did not mean it.
- Who then? Carlos, do not tell, do not tell Carlos.
- Carlos? "Damn Mind Reader" Sorry, I gave a wry smile -. Carlos is perhaps his most trust.
- So who do you care? "I assume
that she's Amanda had told her. He had said how much he hated.
- What? Do you hear me say something about?
-No. There is something in it ... I did not know too much time. I do not like.
"Me neither. You know. It is not my friend and I hate it.
"But you were with her.
"Because it is the bride of Charles.
"You have to get done ..." His voice was serious - I do not like it ....
"Edward, you know how many times I've tried ending?
"I see," stop reading my mind -. Eleazar said I went to see Tanya, why?
"Oh, I dunno. I felt alone. I guess I wanted to find a way to remember. Maybe you know you were real.
"I'm Mary.
"Now I know. "Good," hissed
-. Sleep now -. You really expected to sleep alone? He gave me a kiss on the forehead and tucked me -. I love you.

"Someone is happier today," Vanessa told me when I entered the room.
"And you're late-Carlos raised an eyebrow -. What are you retarded?
"No," I passed the bus laughing.
"Oh, did not pass the bus, did not know and was told "He winked.
- And Amanda? I asked, distracted.
"Hey ..." Carlos looked puzzled me -. It has not arrived, "his tone was more of a question that assertion, of course the underlying question was" Why do you ask? "
" Oh, well, "he shrugged.
"Since questions do rare-Carlos smiled ironically -. Did you tell Edward about Emilio?
- Emilio Or about Edward? "Added Vanessa.
"There's nothing to tell. It is logical that someone will come to the ball and Edward have to deal with that. And more Emilio logical yet to know that will come only as friends. "I hope so
Vanessa rolled her eyes.
The teacher entered the room and without saying anything began to write on the board.
Saved by the bell.

-Mery Emilio's voice stopped me while walking to the cafeteria.
-Emilio-turned and said hello.
My phone started ringing.
"Excuse me, is ..." I took the phone: "Edward." Forcibly smiled and attended.
-Mary, when you leave the class came to my house, okay?
"No, wait, I looked Emilio, who patiently waited -. I'll get you.
- you be the the volvo?
"No," I guessed was showing a wry smile -. The yellow Porsche.
"Well ... I'll be waiting -. I hung -. Sorry Emily.
"Easy, I ... just wanted to know if we were to coordinate colors or something.
"Oh ... I ... I do not think I smiled. It is an opportunity -. I mean, no big deal. Just one dance.
"I know, but I've seen those things in movies and ..." I could not help looking at her green eyes deconcentrated "I know that you like.
"Oh, thanks, I knew he did not remember so well. But really not necessary.
- Is there any chance that leave me for your boyfriend?
-Oh ... no, Emily. Edward ... do not know the dance.
- What if you found out?
come I do not think ... it's complicated.
"Well. I think you'll understand that ... has promised a dance or two to Adriana.
"Sure. He also promised a Carlos "I smiled.
- hurry? -Vanessa sarcastic tone made me smile.
"Just a little," I replied in the same tone as he got all my books in the bag.
-Mary, I'm glad he's back ...
- But?
"But ... I do not want to lose you go back to full speed-walked down the aisle and currency in the street the yellow car I expected. I began to walk faster and as I was outside the building Vanessa pulled me by the arm -. I mean it, Mary. You have to find a balance. I was like, remember? "I nodded, Vanessa had left us when he started dating Luis -. And I suffered a lot. We need. You can not rely on it to live.
"Thank you, I hugged Ness--. I've been thinking. It is not healthy, Edward can not be my life.
"Go away," she smiled -. Have fun. Edward
ran and left the car, I opened the passenger door and gave him a look and a smile to Vanessa. I said goodbye to her with a hand gesture.
Once in the car, Edward lowered the volume of music and gave me a kiss on the lips.
- Did something happen? I asked as he started the engine.
- What you can not find a boyfriend to his girlfriend?

"Yes ..." I owe you many hours together, I looked.
-also ... tell me now, Edward.
"It's nothing, really.
The rest of the journey passed in silence, with only the music company of Debussy and the soft sound of the engine. Parked outside my building and went up the elevator. My parents were not home.
"You know that in four weeks will be the prom," I said as I sat on my bed and Edward touched the furniture in my room with his fingers. "I did
"I thought you could not go ..." I felt a lump in my throat that does not He did not change the expression of the face, but the expression that remained was a pain. "You thought it
muttered -. I could not be ... among many humans.
"Yes, I thought.
- you go with Carlos? Mind

"Hey ..." Yeah, ¬ "I did not think at that time, only that it was better to lie to Emilio appeared with an open collar.
"Sounds good. I want to have fun, Mary. You enjoy all those little things.
Thanks. Hey, I need a few minutes ... I turn now human.
I went to the bathroom and looked for something to eat in the kitchen. I prepared a simple sandwich and placed it on a plate to take it to my room.


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