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The last phoenix - Epilogue I'll be there for you

Disclaimer: All characters belong Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Jacob was the best friend of Bella when Edward was, however, Bella chooses Edward and makes a covenant with Jacob, and delivered his love be every 13 February.

Epilogue: I'll be there for you


amar a alguien de verdad? Significa que aceptarás a esa persona con todos sus defectos, no te importara si fuma, si te engaña, si te engañó. Significa sí, que sacrificarías tu felicidad por la de ella, como un día intenté hacer sin saber que podría matarnos en el intento. Significa que estarás en la noche vigilando sus sueños, aunque sepas que otro ocupa sus pensamientos. Significa que besarás sus labios llenos de nicotina. Significa que tomarás su mano aunque ella haya recorrido el abdomen de otro hombre. Porque la amas, y tus sentimientos no cambiarán por mucho que lo intentes. Por eso sé que te sigue amando, y tomará mucho para que eso cambie, pero aún así, quiero que sepas, if someone want to lose this battle, is you.
Thanks for keeping it alive and collect the ashes, then again and let me work seemed to stoke the fire when touched by frost. Because even the burnt ashes, reborn like the phoenix.
With respect,
Edward Cullen.
He reviewed the letters written in ink of a fine pen and realized he never really love Bella. Because true love knows no boundaries and accept real love, forgive and forget. And every night of February 13 he cried quietly while his heart was a hole, because she chose him, and realized how much that hurt. Because if he had really loved Bella, would have made even the impossible to forget and leave happy. But no. Because deep in his heart, Bella had to pay-not in a cruel and gruesome - for taking away night's sleep, honey kisses and hugs of silk. Because deep down, he always thought that Bella had ceased to love.


"I talk to you about something ...
Lizzie looked puzzled. He sighed. "It's
about Bella, "he muttered, feeling that the world was slipping from his shoulders. "We used to see us ... for a while, while we were you and me.
- What you meant it in the newspaper article?
- What article?
-on love of truth. Appeared in the Times today.
Liz ... "Do not say you're sorry if you do not.
"But I'm sorry. I should never deceive you, you deserve all of me. Not an insignificant part. And I'm willing to give it and if you still love me, I'd love you to be my wife took a small box from his pocket and she placed a hand on it. He shook his head and Jacob's heart froze. Understood. Of course I understand.
"Of course I want to be your wife, Jacob, but I do not ring to confirm. I'm your girlfriend, your ... fiancee, but I do not want this, pulled the box containing the ring and pulled it to Jacob's hands, placed it on the bed and went to kiss her fiance on her lips whispering, "No I need to buy, I need your love.


sought the New York
Times at kiosks back home. It took to find it and assumed that the article was a real success Bella and we all wanted to read. When found, he weighed in the arm by the great desire I had to read it. Needed to know what Bella said. At the same time wanted to have nothing to do with it.
did not cry as you would imagine from reading the first lines. But he was shocked and crushed the heart. Bella's words confirmed what I had thought to read the note from Edward. He never really love Bella, because he never gave his whole happiness for her. Do not let him leave but tied to it as a slave. Made dependent of her kisses and caresses, and finally, she determined.
And read the last words he wondered why he regretted marrying Bella. Could ever know, but that was the easy choice, because despite everything, in spite of his talk the previous day and how things ended between us, something told never lose. Because before his girlfriend, long before her lover, weeks before that first kiss, that heart broken that first time, they were friends, not only that, best friends.


- Hello?
- What is your greatest regret?
-not have realized you can not love two and never loved you more than a friend.
- What about that error you're wearing a ring tattooed on? Look, I just proposed marriage to Liz, and I will not say never.
laughed softly and blushed.
"It's a mistake because I did it hastily, thinking that you forget, when even I decided to do so. I promised an appointment once a year the sole purpose of not forgetting where you never knew you lost.
-Lindo. Did you tell him?
"All I could smile Bella sighed.
"Then be my best man right?
"Hey, what are friends?
And they were long hours on the phone, without biting their lips, wondering what could only hear the voice of another, or gasping imagining visiting each other's bodies. They talked as friends, as they are.


-I thank you all for coming to celebrate with us, "said Rosalie with a tender smile on his face.
"His presence reminds us that every day we learn to love new people, but that true love exists and we can find. Here are my ex-girlfriends and my beautiful wife. And we can all be together, because love really means that we can live with the errors and other defects.
"And we can deliver our happiness for him," she smiled again and Emmett did not miss the opportunity to kiss her. When separated, raised their glasses in unison is heard: "For the bride and groom.
Bella smiled and lifted the cup for them. Edward embraced by the hip and kissed her hair.
"Today only allowed the couple to be romantic," Jacob said cheerfully taking Lizzie's hand to Edward and Bella.
"Well, I did not read the standard input / Edward joked with him.
"I want you to meet Lizzie, my bride," Jacob said with pride marked on each letter.
were presented and were talking more than anyone had imagined. For love of truth is also true in friendship, and your mistakes and it is part of everyday life, and everything they lived together, never ever forget. I hope

they liked, thanks for your support. New longfic
I have is the sequel to Dream Encounter, so they can spend and I'll be glad to read it: D
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twisted Dreams - Do you believe in fairy tales?

Disclaimer: The Cullen family, Denali & Vulturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.
Summary: Sequel to find Dream "Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC.

Do you believe in fairy tales?
"To believe is not bad, what is to stop believing in the reality ..."

Another day dawns and another shot down hopes to open his eyes, nor Edward had arrived today. I sighed defeated and ready for school. I had no choice.
"Come to the movies tomorrow," Vanessa said excitedly, Alice the best style.
- What will we see? I asked getting distracted my math notebook.
vampire "The Apprentice," Carlos said with a marker bordering the last page of his notebook.
- Is there no other? I asked, trying not to sound concerned.
"Oh come on, do not tell me you are afraid of vampires, the expression of Carlos was to" say yes and'll make you see it, say no and do not see the problem. "
"No ..." Then, I see the problem "was so predictable.
- ... But I'd rather see something else.
"Something like ... My little pony? Vanessa asked ironically.
"Sounds good," he shrugged and then let out a wry chuckle. Apprentice
-vampire, tomorrow at four, "Carlos said in a whisper while the teacher came in and wiped the slate.
I could not concentrate on anything in the class while the teacher wrote equations that occupied the entire board, I would look if my phone was any sign of Edward, drawing hearts with an "M" and "E" in and asked me at what point I had become so childish.
The bell rang and immediately left the room, was the only sound I picked up the entire class.
"I was thinking ... I muttered trying to pretend that I do not care if I listened or not, maybe I should invite someone to dance, "I shrugged and sat at our usual table in the cafeteria. Invite
-mused Carlos by adding a "hum" while moving his mouth back and forth -. Sounds promising, who do you invite?
-A someone who does not take it seriously, "I turned around to look at the café could be ... Emilio" let go intentionally. If Emilio was acceptable, whatever they look like.
liked you, "Charles grimaced -. You liked it.
"You had something," he snapped Vanessa -. How you say it will not take seriously! "I swear I was going to give a nervous tic.
"Just to prove a point, no need to scold me.
"No ... wait, Carlos Emilio stared at, you could make Eduardo be put on the nerves," said a mischievous smile at the end it was impossible to dismiss as incentives.
-Edward-cleared, does not know anything about Emilio.
"Until now, Carlos rolled his eyes -. Mary, just know that you are dancing with another will investigate the whole life, the guy has money, he notes, the CIA hired if necessary ... "raised his eyebrows.
"Yes ... that if he finds out.
- Did not you say? "Vanessa looked alarmed.
-Vane, do not even know if there will be back in town.
"You must return what has been believed?
- Would you call him and tell him?
- you insinuating that I would not dare? "His gaze was challenging.
mumbled "No, I do not need to mess-I emphasized the plural because the intentions of the eyes of Charles were not very different -. Return. Has to return.
That afternoon I walked to the building of Edward, outside the building was Eleazar Denali, who already knew me.
"Hello Miss Mary was always very polite -. What brings you here? The Cullens are hunting.
"I know, I just wanted ... do not you know when to return?
-should come back tomorrow, in fact we expected this morning, his expeditions usually takes four days at most.
"Oh, then you should be to come, "I muttered, looking down. "That hope
Eleazar said, shrugging.
I turned back to my house after to thank the friendly vampire. I took two steps and a new idea came to my mind, I turned and looked at Eleanor.
- Is Tanya? I asked, like my friend forever.
"Sure," he assured me -. Take the key, we live on the fifth floor, took the key and was astonished by the confidence he had me man.
"Oh ... thanks," mumbled -. But I do not know, do not be surprised if I go no call?
"Do not worry, we all have key to all the apartments.
then have the Cullens. was the only thought that went through my head.
"In fact, several apartments use the same key, those close friends -. Was he insinuating that the man opened the apartment key Cullen? What the hell would I do in your apartment?
"Oh, that's what I call friendship. My best friend just my Messenger password "I smiled.
"We have many more years knowing each other," said he with a half smile.
I entered the building whose door was ajar. With a little scared I walked down the long hallway that led to the elevators. Being there brought me fresh memories of Edward, my birthday, why I was torturing myself this way?
I called the elevator and leaned against the wall to wait. Since almost nobody used it, was likely to come soon, but the feeling of the cold wall seemed to calm down. The elevator opened with a noise like a bell, I removed me uncomfortable because it reminded me of a horror movie. I looked at both sides and entered the elevator after dry swallowing what was what was to do there? I punched the button
indicating the floor 5 and immediately closed when the elevator button lacquer downstairs. The elevator opened on the floor 5 with this macabre bell as sound, I expected to be back to close and did not breathe until he did.
I ran when I got downstairs, I turned the key to Eleazar mumbling a "thank you" and ran up to my building. I climbed the stairs in an attempt to download frustration, anger, sadness, whatever. I entered my house without noticing who was buried in my bed and began to mourn desperately.
- Did you do the math homework? Carlos asked me before hello.
"Oh ... yes, there was no sleep thinking that maybe Edward would come during the night, but no.
pleaded. I took out my notebook and gave it -. Are you okay?
"Yeah," I muttered. My gaze was walking down the hall.
not study here.
I turned to look.
-Wow, I learned his name, should give you a cookie or something.
-Math homework suits me, smiled and went to sit to copy the exercises.
I stood and breathed deep.
I have to. I . If I do, I will regret forever ... or not.
"Hi Emily, he looked at me as he closed his locker.
- Are you lost something? -Was too strange to greet him and he knew it. I started laughing like it was a big joke.
"I ..." the sentence was about to take over from me, I felt as the heat rose to my cheeks ... just wanted to know if you came with someone to dance.
-Ah ... I ... this, it was obvious that at some point we had meant something to each other, see her reaction made me think that after all this had been a bad idea -. No, planned to invite to Adriana, but really do not want to go with her, "he shrugged.
- Would you rather go with me? "I bit my lower lip. Do not know if in an attempt to seduce or pure sample of my nervousness. "Sure
Mery, as I used to call -. In the old days, raised his hand as if he had a drink, we hit it and flipped it like a toast.
"Thanks," I tried to sound friendly as possible.
"A pleasure," she smiled and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. He did not expect that in the last year I have grown and the innocent kiss of friendship ended up being a touch on the lips. Emilio quickly withdrew -. Sorry, Mery ...
- worry, I know it was not intentional, and neither were the butterflies floating around in my stomach. Each
walked to a different side, and as I turned around I realized I was drowning in a well.
- Do you believe in fairy tales? Asked my Vanessa literature professor. The tone of the question implied that your answer should be "no" outright.
"Sure," Vanessa always been characterized as the amorous -. Salon Who invented Cinderella had a great love and wrote to transcend.
"Miss Mendez his hands on the desk. Disney's Cinderella story is not original. The real was created by the Brothers Grimm and believe that history is not as pretty as the paint.
"Mary the teacher looked at me from his post until the end of the hall -. Do you believe in fairy tales?
-I ... - No teacher, I believe in vampires - I would say ... "went down the hall with his eyes and a second later I regretted it, the only curious eyes staring at me were a couple green forest: Emily - ... so, "the teacher looked at me as if I wanted to bury alive - ... and I think anyone can criticize the beliefs of another, is like accusing a Jew who does not believe in Jesus. Fairytales were made for children, but as we grow we can adapt to our life ... what we are - or we will become - and see how they actually have some reality.
"Just the answer I expected," rolled my eyes when I was sure that I saw. That was his catchphrase when the response to her out of his wits and was "exactly what he did not expect."
sight returned my notebook and saw hearts that had drawn the other day. "M & E 'And I wanted to hit me when seeing this" E "associates it with the green-eyed boy who still looked askance at me.
I was looking all kind of literature, "Vanessa told me when we were buying the movie tickets.
"And raising his math," added Carlos eyebrows.
, also in chemistry, "said Luis, who I knew was not invited and did not study with us. Vanessa tapped her chest to keep quiet.
"I shut up again," I felt heat on my cheeks.
"Wait a minute ... Did you invite? Charles-face was priceless. Yes
"But you said it was like friends," grimaced. I did not think necessary to say -. You did not tell ... Mary! How? The poor must believe they'll come back or something.
"But he said, I quote: "For the good times"
Carlos rolled his eyes. "Let
. I will say something to fall to the ground.
"I think they are exaggerating. He broke up with me ... it is obvious that thinks nothing of what you think.
The three stood in silence and was invited Amanda, who could not go and her presence was unwanted, who spoke
"Of course, then the kiss that took no account at all, I was cold and the eyes of Carlos and Vanessa seemed riddled with bullets.
I pulled until you sit down in an ice cream parlor.
- Do you kissed? Asked Carlos.
- Who told you? Amanda asked angrily. One of these days would kill her.
"I can not reveal my sources," he hissed. Carlos looked at him.
I let out a long sigh.
"Speak now," he snapped Vanessa.
"It was an accident ... confusion of movement, that's all. Relax.
"In the accident is to blame," said Luis seriously.
"He shrugged," I said. María Josefina
-Ermenegildo-Carmensa Hope was about to laugh. It was like laughing gas to me Vanessa when he began to invent names of nowhere, but the whole world stopped for me. The fairy tale took shape and the fairy godmother was going to the movies.

And you, do you believe in fairy tales? R

Compare Usha Vs Havells Ceiling Fans

Solo para ti - Eliza Cullen Black


Disclamer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer and the song is Camila

Solo Para Ti

  are the love of my life    
 wise  Fate    
  And today I put before me    
  And every time I look to the past    
  is that I understand your side    
  always belonged    

Nessi is the love of his life, his reason for being, its reason to exist since the first day he saw her knew his world, his universe would revolve around it, that the gravity of the earth will not hold most, if not who argued on the floor now she would forward her Renesmee.

Their relationship is so strong that nothing he did not do for her, with a glance of those chocolate eyes with a warm smile alone, with a single touch so soft, with a single word that comes out of his lips Jacob is happy.

Nessi I'm just for you - and I'm just for you my Jacob Jacob.

not enough just living next to you, not even an eternity to show you how I love you, so you know I'll always be yours and you since before you were next to me I already belonged to you in my entirety.

Your existence is my existence complementing Nessi - and love is what complements me to be Jacob.

know I'm just for you my love, thanks for being in my life, thank you for being just for me I love you.

Eliza Cullen Black

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twisted dreams - out of that hole

Disclaimer: The Cullen family, Denali & ; Vulturi belongs to Stephenie Meyer and the rest is mine.
Summary: Sequel to find Dream "Dreams are like really squirm when you think you have them controlled. Mary's life has become a mess since they appeared vampires. Edward / OC.
Note: I want to dedicate this chapter to Mayra Swansea and Michelle, being of those who suggested that I make a sequel was what they called my muse, and here is the result. I hope you all like it: D

out of that hole
"Love gives others the power to destroy"
Bella Swan
L a morning alarm rang five times before waking up. Turned it off and went to the bathroom, ASEE and dressed me to go to school. Had five weeks to the end of the year, and I was ecstatic. There was nothing I was wanting more to end the school.
I took my backpack and greeted my parents were ready to go.
I came to school morosely, it seemed as if there really was not, in fact, had at least three days and, in fact, had three days exactly so. Edward and the rest of the Cullens had gone hunting. We'd been dating eight months and at least four had been my whole world revolved around him. Had been gradually leaving Vanessa and Carlos on the side, as if they were just classmates. He spoke with them as necessary, and I mean need informed me during class to agree on the work group and during breaks when I took care of talking to Edward via text message.
hated being so. Become hated what I was becoming. It seemed unreasonable that my life depended on being not-alive. It seemed stupid that the beating of my heart depended on someone whose heart had stopped beating at one hundred years.
I walked down the aisle looking forward to living, bury me in my desk and wait for time to elapse.
"Hello," said Carlos with a friendly tone and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"Hi," I muttered.
-chemical work for tomorrow, remember?
At that time lost all meaning for me. In general, it was I who had to remind him the supply of jobs because he cared less about them.
- What?
-Work ... on the periodic table
"Yes, I know what you mean," I muttered confused.
- And your face "stop talking in German," why is that?
I do not know. I ...
"Come home of Vanessa to do, because we only have it for a long time ago and we're not together, right?
That was all.
- Do you still want to be with me?
-Mary, you still be our friend but you became a vampire, "he laughed as if his sentence was a joke, but for me it was not. Although Edward and I had made a pact, I knew he was not very happy that I was human, he struggled to be by my side and hear the blood rushing through my veins.
I tried to fake a smile but was not quite right.
"Well," said Carlos classes gesturing for me to pass before him. Had not even noticed that we were facing the room.
-A class, "I muttered.
I sat in seat he had acquired for some time: at the end of the room with two kids who did not speak to the sides.
-Gabriel, would you change you the job? Carlos said one of the guys on my side.
"And you're not going to leave it alone, right? "Said Vanessa appearing out of nowhere the other guy.
Both got up and snorting seat changed.
"Hello Mary," said Vanessa, smiling can go to my house today, right?
"Yes, of course ...
" I mean, we could also advance the work of history, "he said rolling his eyes and we would not have to meet again. Maybe you want the weekend off, he shrugged.
- NO! "I said in a tone that is higher than intended, making both eyes wide open. I mean ... it is better to work a day.
"Yes," agreed Carlos with a mischievous smile.
classes I went too fast, perhaps-but I was lucky that Carlos and Vanessa walked into the room with me.
We sat at a table for four and each took out his lunch.
- What happened to Katherine? I asked, distracted.
Katherine was my "second best friend", to call one way. After Charles and Amanda finished, Katherine and he had started dating, until finally their relationship was strengthened. But after my "absence" was not clear how the situation was.
-ended two months ago, Mary-opened my eyes widened.
- What? Why?
"Because I went with Amanda.
I was cold.
"Oh ..." I tried to say nothing. It was clear that Carlos did not like us metiéramos in their relationship, had somehow thought that had changed when I was his shoulder, but it seemed not.
"You can say something," she smiled.
"I have nothing to say," I said taking a bite of my sandwich.
"Say something" prompted me Vanessa. I
contact between my forefinger and thumb and I passed my lips, as if close to a close. Carlos began to laugh.
"I guess somehow I got used to it.
- Did you have any problems with Kat? I asked, and seeing how it changed his expression could not suppress a smile: "I gave up. I mentioned earlier.
-is not functioned. Like a couple, we are very good friends, "he said, taking my juice.
"Tell you if you go to Luis, Vane, please," I said almost pleading. I could not have lost so much.
"Of course," almost as if I had insulted that will never end.
gesture I dry my brow.
"I'm glad," she said with a smile.
-come with me to the prom, "he added with a dance from their seats -. It's just so perfect, "he said with a sigh. Yes
"I felt my voice did not belong. In fact I felt did not belong to myself.
probably the expression on my face changed. Yes, I could be sure that it had changed, I felt my hands were unable to move, remained clinging to the sandwich. My eyes stared at the table without blinking.
"Mary called me Vanessa.
- Mary? -This time was Carlos.
Carlos warm hand to drop my food made with a light touch brought me back to the real world. I had trouble understanding how perfect my vampire story had become the horror story I had feared. Vanessa, who was a in love with a human man had drawn a perfect love of fairy tales. Rather, I constantly reminded the primer. Since he had met Luis and the way they looked at each other the idea I was not out of the head, while I suffered every day. For one reason or another. The reason of the moment:-Edward
not come to dance with me, "I muttered at last.
-Oh "was all I heard. Vanessa looked like a lament.
"You come with me," suggested Charles.
"You will go to Amanda," I said trying not to leave the tears from my eyes. He did not say anything because it was obvious that this was and I would not try to change that.
"Maybe not, maybe we fight. It may seem that I am too much for her, nodded slightly to make it less noticeable, he smiled, we do not really I have to go with it. You know that Amanda and dance. What I say is I will dance with you that day no matter what happens.
"It will come. Not to see everyone in pairs.
"You're a silly first-scolded me Vanessa.
"We graduated only once in life, Mary, you have to use it.
"But I am going to do super boring. You are going to be with you, with Luis and Amanda rolled her eyes and turned away my food because I was not hungry.
Carlos warm hand take mine again.
"You're cold," muttered -. Would you like my sweater? "I did not respond. I did not want anything. Or rather, I knew what I wanted.
I looked.
"No thanks" I said at the end. He smiled, took it and handed it to me behind the shoulders -. I do not want to use as an excuse for not coming you have the flu, "she smiled need you, Mary.
The following hours of class I went as if each clock hand was a tortoise. I could not stop looking. Did not even know why. Edward does not come today.
Vanessa's room was huge. He had a large desk where we always sat down to do the work and a large window that illuminated the entire room. The bulb always remained off-except at night, because it was not necessary. Carlos turned to trust the computer while Vanessa was looking for something for us to drink.
- You did not think that Edward has a secret? Vanessa said as she handed me a glass of iced tea.
"Yes, that Eduardo is up to something, "said Carlos looking out the window -. How long you say it was? -View in the window and brought me a memory of an old movie detective as if to really discover a secret that Edward had . Would Carlos able to decipher it? Would you believe it, a total skeptic, vampires and other creatures?
- Something like what, Sherlock? "I tried to look relaxed.
"Perhaps Vanessa ventured gay.
"Or a vampire," Carlos said with a shrug. Dry swallowed -. Do not tell me you do not see Vampire Diaries the Stefan was mysterious and look-raised his eyebrows and then burst out laughing.
"Yes, he's birthday present of a glass of blood to see if you like," I said jokingly.
"If I were you I bought a necklace of garlic," he laughed again and immediately the three of us were laughing. Carlos was so wonderful was the fact that you could always count on him, that though he was joking at the time, I knew I was really worried about me.
- Where do you travel? Vanessa asked distractedly watching the Messenger.
-A, did not say what because they go by many. It is a journey that your family does often help them stay healthy.
- Do not you called?
-Son mountains, Nessie, and my friend had used the nickname "no signal.
I really wanted to believe that story.
- Do not you tell me that your birthday was a redhead behind him?
I was cold. "Tanya? Was she right?
"No ... no ... I mean yes, but she has nothing to do with it.
"Wait a minute, Vanessa scrutinized me with his eyes, is not it who keeps a secret, you are.
was true. Edward bore no secret because he knew them, but I do. I knew that Edward was a vampire and I could not say, or my friends or my family. Nobody. He lived with a secret that I belonged and could not have or my diary, for fear that someone will read it.
"Yes, I released a sigh, the fact is that ... It is not working, not only carried a secret that was not mine, carrying a weight that needed to be released and could have at least half-see ...
Charles and Vanessa sat on the floor and I did the same. That was all I needed to talk to a couple of friends.
"He has changed since I met him, thought it was one way and not sighed. The thing really was that Edward, my boyfriend was not the Edward, Bella's boyfriend, and I was in love with Edward wrong. Were not equal, and these minor differences at times I drove each other crazy, and that ... I do not know how to cope. I think it will act in a way and does another. I think we will be happy with a decision I take and it is not ...
That was the basics. Edward's book had done the impossible by not turning Bella, my Edward was not convinced that I I do not want to be a vampire. I wondered if maybe it was because he already knew the whole story and if you ever thought we would reach the point of surrendering to each other, I wondered if he may will become, just wanted to protect me.
- Have they talked about ... well, go a little further? -Carlos suggestive tone said it all. Yes, that was the basic problem, but did not appear. I had no intention of that, and if my Edward was not the thought I had.
"No," I muttered.
Carlos stared at me for a while.
-Day I saw it ... looked like a gentleman, you know? More like a little old. I do not think going to hurt you ...
-know that if I do have to deal with you ...
"Probably I would lose," he made a wry face, but if you hurt, you deserve to try to win.
"Thank you both," said Vanessa noticing, I went over and hugged them.

I do not know about you but I love Carlos
R obinW

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The last phoenix - real love

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Jacob was the best friend of Bella when Edward was, however, Bella chooses Edward and makes a covenant with Jacob, and delivered his love be every 13 February.

really love

What really love? It is a question cautious, some people may break into tears just to listen (or read). And believe me, it is not assignment of this article. The last thing I want is for anyone in the world suffering for love, but I think that is a major cause of sorrow and even tragedy.
who do not consider myself to answer this profound question. I do not even dare to define love, because for every person he ends up being a combination of events, feelings or anything else that makes it impossible to express.
"Finally I realized what true love means ... love means more to worry about the happiness of another person than your own, no matter how painful choices have to take to achieve " says one of my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks. And I have every confidence in his words. When you really love, not fear, by no means risking all your happiness by giving a hint to that special someone. Really love that person it means everything and nothing for you. Because if she decides she will no longer by your side, you accept it with the same ease with which he once opened his heart.
I broke the heart of someone I love and I have broken me. I have broken the heart of a person I appreciate, and I have broken me. I've been misled and deceived. That is love. Do not cheat, do not break hearts, but to assume that everything happens because it has to happen.
'm the kind of people it took to find her first love, but in doing so lived the whole magic of it, he touched the fire and burned with it, eventually someone else made the ashes and lit with a match to give a spark to your life, they both knew would be consumed. But even the smallest light is like a full moon when you're in the dark. Thank you, thank you for loving to anyone who does, because the spark is essential for me, but sometimes not to see, after all "the essential is invisible to " says another of my favorite authors and I believe him because you always had, and never I saw you, but I held you, kissed you and you gave me, I never saw, they were everything, absolutely everything I ever needed. And not afraid to tell you, because although there is no blame should be pricked me, I made wrong decisions, but one of them took a ring tattooed on. No, not afraid to tell you I love you.
New York Times.

I went over the lines with my index finger while sighing deeply. Exhausted closed my eyes and turned to open.
-Yo I love you too "I whispered as she looked up from his coffee cup.
"I know, took while playing with the edge of the cup.
- you tell me what happened? Ran a year ago, Bella. And today it is as if you asked me apologize.
-Edward took days without sleep, "she admitted and I noticed as I was about to burst into tears -. I've cheated, I thought it was said there. I cheated you with Jacob.
-Bella ... I would not have been surprised as well. Loved him, no one left to love overnight.
"Not only will I cheated Edward ... I gave him the body that I promised you, "groaned and then a tear, I kept quiet, folding the paper and smoothing -. I did not marry a virgin.
"I knew, Bells," I muttered, looking down -. These things ... that a man realizes. I figured it was him, I even thought the moment was ... disturbing. But I understood and did not ask for explanations because I do not care who'd made mistakes. I made the biggest: I made a choice. I should be happy and just let get away. I had gone, and he was there for you. If I had not returned, you would have been happy with it.
"But I still think.
"As you think about it," he shrugged -. You have the right to love your best friend.
"He broke up with me," murmured -. Is getting married ...
"As you did," I sighed too your sorrow, "said the newspaper.
's going to be a dad, "she whispered through tears.
I bit my lower lip.
- Do you think he stopped loving you?
- Do not you think it bizarre? He asked, frowning -. Is telling you about my problems with my loving lover. I mean, Edward, how can you be so perfect? How can you not hate me? How can I accept that you are deceiving since before we were married?
"Because I always expected to happen ... Bella, I went and took down his chin -. I love you and that's not going to change, I am nothing without you, "shook his head.
"I do not deserve, I'm too little for you.
"I think you're the woman I love, and that makes you perfect.
-Edward ...
"If you make me angry, I will, but is that what you want? You want what is ours is up as well? If you think that our marriage was a mistake, you can come to an end, but not me who wants it.
- No! I do not want that. It's just ... I love you Will you understand that? -Not let me respond. It was a mistake, I say, yes it was. The error was that one day I was saying goodbye to Jacob, making love with him and the next day I was telling you that you had chosen. Two weeks later he wore a ring engraved with our initials and a half years after he walked to an altar. I do not think I had time to think things through. It was all too quickly.
- And now Why?
"Now I think to be your wife is what makes me happy in my damn life, right?
"Actually no," I muttered.
"Nor do I understand me, Edward. It was not prepared for this. You were supposed to bother you me and then I try to explain, you ruined my script, "he added with a smile at the end.
"I do not know enough," I said with a wry smile.
"I told you it was all too fast.
"Hey you" till death do us part "to know, is not it enough?
got up chair and went to my arms, kissing gently shook her chestnut hair. I felt a wet tear my chest, and an almost inaudible whisper, I asked him why he was crying, he replied that it was happiness, and my chest swelled at that moment, I had heard that he was crying in pain in a relationship was not feeling the love.
kissed my neck and breathed in the aroma of strawberries.
What really love someone? I wondered in my head.
What really love someone? It means that you will accept that person with all their faults, do not care if you smoke, if you fools, if you cheated. Means yes, he would sacrifice your happiness for hers, as one day I tried to do without knowing it could kill us in the attempt. Means you will be at night watching your dreams, even if you know someone else occupies your thoughts. Means that you will kiss your lips full of nicotine. It means that you'll take his hand although she has traveled the abdomen of another man. For the love, and your feelings will not change how hard I try. So I know he still loves you, and will take much to change that, but still, I want you to know that if someone wanted to lose this battle, is you.
Thanks for keeping it alive and collect the ashes, then again and let me work seemed to stoke the fire when touched by frost. Because even the burnt ashes, reborn like the phoenix.
With respect,
Edward Cullen.
I left the paper on my desk and walked to my piano. I sat on it and took a deep breath. I looked at Bella sat staring into space.
- Would you be so kind to return my muse? I murmured, patting the place beside me on the piano bench.
- Where did he go?
I do not know, was lost. Decided drowning instead of talking. He decided to stay with the man that he could not tell their problems and be very little that understood.
"It's like paint.
-Artist-I am not sat next to me and touched his favorite note -. I am a composer, "I whispered in his ear and began to walk my fingers over the keys as if the body of my princess. Because I love, because love always.

I know that many thought the former was the last capital, but it was x)
Maybe I'll do an epilogue, or maybe I left it, we'll see ...
I hope you enjoy it ...
And I recommend both books quote Here: Dear John & The Prince
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Diaphragm Tenting Means

Information Midnight Sun Meeting

Dear readers, I bring a very important information. Lately he has been circulating on the net a full version of Midnight Sun, the unfinished novel by Stephenie Meyer. THIS VERSION WAS NOT WRITTEN BY MEYER. As we know Meyer wrote 12 chapters were leaked on the net, the rest of the novel making the rounds is a FANFIC Alexa Cullen, who can read, of course, but it should be clear that there was written by Meyer, and that she has made statements that certainly finish this book.
To read the chapters of Alexa Cullen can do it on your blog and Alexa give the credit it deserves, but do not confuse their work with that of Meyer fan.

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How To Wear A Maxi Casual

Dream - The howl of the wolf

Disclaimer: Cullen Family, Volturi Denali and belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Howling Wolf

had passed
three months after our agreement. I did not become a vampire and he would not go away. It seemed crazy that my life had become so easily in my particular fairy tale, the vampire story will end happily and, most importantly, this was real life and mine.

For many years, I thought my boring life, read those wonderful books and had meant a big change, but I end up being the star was much more than you expect.

Most days spent at home with Edward, because my city was very sunny. At first I wondered why they lived there, but of course, did not bother me - his explanation was simple: The Cullen not out of his home, and there were well, in a building only for themselves and their friends. His house was a fun place, rarely were only two of us. But I enjoyed a lot with Emmett, especially when we played video games. It was fantastic.

That evening, Edward had taken me to a spectacular garden, the whole place was a dream. All my life I had lived in the same city and had never heard of the existence of that place since last October but was convinced that he knew all the secrets hiding in this typical city. Not so typical after all.

"It's beautiful here," remarked support my head on his shoulder.
"I thought you'd like, but not what I saw, I imagined myself as her mouth twisted into a smile.
- Are you still afraid of the fact that there is a vampire?
"It scares me. "He just worries me pause. I love you too much to let something bad will happen.
"You will not hurt me.
"But the rest of the world ... humans are not stable, it did not have wolves near me so I would say that humans were not stable.
"No I'm comparing with the wolves. Never will. You are human.

Cursed mind reader. smiled and gave him a pat on the belly.

"I mean that humans are bad, and I am terrified to be harmed. If you were a vampire, you'd be strong enough to withstand anything.
"There are also bad vampires," I muttered.
"You're right up my face in his shoulder and watched him, I bit my lower lip nervously and if you still do that, I will be one of them said with that crooked smile.

I blushed, and then burst into laughter. I hugged him and inhaled that delicious aroma. He kissed me gently and went back to fit my head on his shoulder. He stared at the horizon, one dream in this dream place.

ran his hand through his hair bronze, and a small ray of light lit up her face. It was wonderful to see him shine in this unique way, did not compare to anything he had ever seen in my life.

"I wish that this moment will last forever," I said touching his face glowing.
"I also whispered in my ear.

I left again and looked at him with pursed lips.

"The best things in life are very short.
are eternal-I looked at raising an eyebrow and I do not mean to be a vampire. To be honest, I do not like the idea too ... It's confusing, I wish I could give you the best of the vampire life and best of being human.
- What if you drank your poison? "I know that my eyes sparkled.
, one might think. But there is time, do not you think?
"I hope so.

He came to give me another kiss. I spent my arms around his neck and kiss became passionate, exquisite. Those bronze hair pulled as if my life depended on it, and he laid his hands on my waist, rising and falling slightly, knowing the exact locations where to touch, caress ... where

parted his lips from mine, but left around me, making me inhale icy breath. It was delicious, with a sweet smell of lilacs and honey, plus the brightness of the sun on your skin. Lovely ... Perfect.

Seeing how I was thinking many things at once, things he probably was hearing, and to hear me say that, tried to pretend that it was not.

"Not unless you want to hear.
"So ... do not want.

I gave a wry smile and again he returned to watch the sun hidden.

Edward was perfect in more ways than I could imagine, and yet I was glad to know that one day we could both decide to end our relationship. I was glad to know that we were not united by ties poisonous, but baby ... probably love.

What I was glad it was not having to compromise my life at eighteen, it seemed enough to have to choose a career and a university. That was too much for me, and a very difficult decision, and that it was not long to be taken. Thus my love affair was something relaxing, something I could enjoy without fear.

I got along great with my many brothers. Every other day I had gone shopping with Alice and Rosalie but I would have given the impression of being a love, rather I know them as well. Had had no contact with the Denali clan and that was good enough for me.

Edward, was taking great with my sister and he and Carlos finally ended up being friends. Vanessa and Edward met when I finally met her boyfriend, we planned a double date and had been quite fun.

Carlos, also had his "final" happy. After the witch is away from his life-for good-the suitors failed to appear. Best the case, was to chose the best, one of my best friends, which certainly would give friendship and love in one comfortable package. The witch had failed to couple, the boy had left by Charles, had refused to realize how vile it was.

The wind provided a better environment for our appointment. Everything was so perfect, fluttering butterflies, birds singing, the trees had leaves greener and Edward was there with me ... it was real and what was for me.

Edward put his arm around my back approaching closer to his body, stroked my arm with his knuckles and kissed me on the crown. I guess it's something like the stories, something must happen when everything seems perfect, there must be something wrong, simply must pass. Somewhere in that city, perhaps from the mountains or grown grass, a wolf howled ... no one would say that was not true. Edward's eyes darkened and looked at me. He brought his lips to mine, blocking all my senses. Never know if it was Jacob, Seth or maybe just a dog who was auditioning to be a wolf. Maybe my best friend if it was a wolf to end, but would never know the answer as I concentrated on what he knew was true: those soft lips caressing mine, the hand that ran behind me and one bronze hair that got caught on my fingers. What more could you ask for? It was a perfect day to enjoy my dream encounter.


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Why Does Shoulders Hurt After Laporscopy

The last phoenix - phoenix dies

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Jacob was the best friend of Bella when Edward was, however, Bella chooses Edward and makes a covenant with Jacob, and delivered his love be every 13 February.

to the phoenix dies
See you at the cafe De La Rue, we need to talk
Talk? Jacob Why would I need to talk to me? We were not agreeing to see us a new need, or because the world is gonna end. It was February 13 and my body called the heat of Jacob Black, calling her lips, her hands, her ... I swallowed and wiped dry the tears that loomed on my left eye. Perhaps then we left to a hotel. Everything seemed so strange and unreal. Last year was the best of times, and then we had amassed so many problems. Even we were going to escape, I thought that I would end Edward and Jacob would be separated and who would see each morning. But no. My life had been running round in a circle to turn to pose in the same spot where it all began. I got
coffee and sat at a table near the street. A waiter came up to me and I decided to tell you that waiting for someone, I wanted to ask anything at all. Wing had a revolution whipping in the stomach, was too long since I felt so nervous. Probably, I would go to see Jacob, probably not.
I looked around and saw more than a happy couple. Some with small children and others with their teenagers. I wondered what it would feel having a baby and if I ever prove that happiness.
"Hello, beautiful," came the gruff voice of Jacob and then took a smile my face. I missed so much, my body began to react, ants felt throughout the body and an electric shock when his lips brushed my cheek. I would have preferred that rub against my mouth but I behaved because after all we were lovers and we were in a public place.
"Hello, I greeted not wipe the smile off my face. He sat down in front of me and the waiter reappeared on the scene.
-Two lattes -called Jacob without asking. Did not mean to complain because it was exactly what I had asked (if he wanted something.) Jacob I knew perfectly well and that made me think that our relationship (although illegal) was perfect.
- Why are we gathered here? I asked the waiter as he left.
want to talk, Bells. I think it's good that this day is not based on sex, his words took me by surprise and could not help not to show it in my face. I tried not to look him in the eyes to hide my reaction -. Sorry ... I should warn you, but I thought you'd understand my message.
"Yes, sure I understood it, Jake. Why not let's be surprised. I thought sex was like we showed that we still loved.
, and also show it to Lizzie, 'said coldly, and I felt I cringed in my seat. I was devastated, as if after a year to wait for rebirth I had found that my ashes were burning.
clearing my throat and tapping on the floor with my heels.
"I know what you mean," I stood on the chair -. Called lovemaking, and I followed with my husband.
probably the comment was inappropriate, but so had his, and had the need to respond as if we were in a discussion of "who is having the best out of here. "
" I guess.
-Two lattes - said the landlord while depositing the foam cups on our table.
I took my glass and gave him a sip. Jacob focused on playing with her bra cardboard.
- Want to finish me? "managed to say with a bit of coffee still in his mouth to hide that had a lump in the throat.
- End? You call this something started, Bells? I call it an adventure.
"I thought you loved me," I muttered.
"And I do, Bella, but ... how you do? I mean, for me it was easy when you were just you and another girl I knew, Leah an occasional night, but since Lizzie came into my life everything is different. Because when I'm with her I wish I were you, and when I'm with you I feel guilty, feel that the deception, she does not deserve it. Because Lizzie is an angel, Bella!
- What do you think I do not feel well? I have to show Edward's face every damn day of my life, I have to go and celebrate Valentine's Day with him with my friends and pretend that our relationship is perfect, but, hell, what deception is not easy!
"So you who want to end, was turning the situation. He had come to me with the firm intention that what we came here, and now wanted me to finish.
-you who want it, no distortion what is happening here.
"I love Lizzie," she admitted and I felt a lump in his throat.
I stood silently watching. Just watching him, wanting to burst into tears, but I swallowed hard and kept me calm.
- Why we do this, Bella? -Would respond when he continued -. No, I do not respond. I know I asked you, we made an agreement, a covenant, whatever you want to call, but what's the point? Never belongs to us in full, we will never be the only the other, will always be lovers, Bella, LOVERS! It is a sin, is prohibited. You ... you ... you swore before God and I was there! You would be with your husband until death separated them, and what do I say? Is also a sin to look LOOK! married women and what do I do? He continued, lowering his voice - I sleep with a married woman! Isabella tell me what kind of people we do that?
"Bad" I muttered.
-Terrible. Worse than that. I ... do not I can only Bella. Because dammit, if you loved me half of what I'd need one! No?
"If you loved me you had not made a choice.
"Now I'm the villain and YO! I made a choice. Both did, Bella, he and me.
My heart broke in that instant, I could almost hear cracking as he broke a crunchy biscuit. The tears began to flow from my eyes and groans became uncontrollable. Jacob looked relaxed but did not come to comfort me as he had done on February 13.
"I can not live without Edward," I said, his voice breaking and tears coming my mouth.
"Then live with it, dammit. But do not do this, Bella. Do not include me in your world to make it perfect. Listen, I'll still love you forever, but I would be what we used to be okay? Friends. He loved to be your friend.
"This has nothing to do with Edward, or me. There's something about you that I want to say. You're making me look like the culprit for the conscience pricked me, but JACOB Dimelo! Tell me what happens and why you want to finish ... Lizzie Did you find?
"I ..." His expression changed completely and I almost felt guilty for what he said -. Bella. I love you, do not forget, please, for the first time put his hand to my face and dried my tears, laced his fingers with mine and stared at my wedding ring -. You're a Cullen said with a smile -. And I want to be a Black Lizzie. She is ... pregnant, "added an octave higher than he talked and his eyes saw the true joy that his eye had been missing from -. Is expecting a son, and I ask her to marry, and I want to make our lives perfect. He realizes that will not forget you, Bella, understands that every time you see a chocolate thinking of you, my sweet princess. He realizes that will not let you love, but I love that you and I really lived, that we need each other, and we were not looking at the calendar as if the days never pass away. Edward I want you to enjoy, because if someone would have lost a battle, is with him because he's a gentleman, and all the people I know, I know it's the only one to make you happy forever.
dried tears in my eyes and smiled. Jacob shook his hand and let out an unexpected smile even for me. I needed to hear that. Jacob needed to really fall in love so I could learn to love a one person actually, and that person, the man of my life, it was Edward Cullen.

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Wedding Cardn Messages

Until You're my religion - Oneshot

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, the song Maná.
Summary: Nessie is their religion, their sun and moon. It's all in your life and not afraid to admit it. Winner
weekly poll:)

're my religion
"Oh my love you came into
my life and I healed the wounds.
Oh love are my moon, you are my sunshine "

- N essie whispered feeling the knot formed in my throat and my stomach tingle go. She turned and looked at me with those sweet eyes slowly consumed me -. Nessie wanted to confess something, I cleared my throat as she sought my hand in the sand and intertwined our fingers -. You're everything to me, Ness, you know, you know ... the way you met him and he was broken inside, about ... well, I think I could have died if you had not appeared. Ness, you are my sunshine, my moon. Even as each star are the sky, you're more than that because I am glad and my nights. I am not afraid to tell you how much I love you because I know you always correspond. If I could make you a thousand and one altar. You're like my religion, Ness, because if I have a problem I know that I come to you as one who turns to his god, you are my life, because if you lose sight of that I'm stopping the heart and breathing, you're like me soul, for fear that if one day you die, (though I know it will not happen) and my body would not be worth anything, is like a box without content. Nessie you ... "He put a finger on my lips warm I could not help kissing, closed my eyes and I felt position your body over mine, her lips taste my neck, her mouth tasting my chest, his tongue slipping down my arms, her fingers tickling my armpits, hands, remove my pants and again his lips, his mouth and his tongue, his fingers and hands to take control of me, because I belonged to Nessie and she could play with my body at will and take possession of it because it was his mistress.

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How To Take Apart Car Cd Player

Café con leche - Oneshot

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Post-Dawn, Bella Jake invited to an evening of coffee, and then realize that their friendship is still worthwhile. Jake & Bella: friendship.
Note: For the challenge LOL words to remember - Café.

S and sits at the table at the invitation of her. She smiles, but he understands that there is the same smile he was accustomed, it has a touch of a woman, a glow that is not nice and a je ne sais quoi that alters. However, he smiles back and his smile is still the same, it remains an expression of a faithful friend, without resentment or thirst, because that's it.

She served a cup of coffee without asking and sits next to him. He takes a sip of the boiling liquid and was surprised and delicious homemade flavor that pervades their language. Sighs with a face and stares at her companion, her friend, Bella to, because something she has not changed. And he surprises himself by it.
whispers broke the silence, she looks up he had driven into the sugar and he bursts out laughing Slow and perfect (or so she thinks).
Her smile becomes honest, what the strange.
-Jake, "she murmured, and everything seems to be in the right place. He smiles confident and take the hand of his poor friend (because he still looks like a glass doll) and as the coffee and milk his fingers together in a perfect movement, because they belong to each other, as needed, although individually is something, create a perfect ensemble: as the coffee.

always wanted to write this * w *
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What If I Don't Treat Herpes?

Dream Encounter - A treaty between fire and ice

Disclaimer: The family Cullen, Denali and Vulturi belong to Stephenie Meyer.

A treaty between fire and ice.
"Some boys take a girl and the hide from the world. I want to be the walk in the sun "
Girls just want to have fun.

-Abura right? Tell me about your birthday.

I smiled and started to tell him that I had loved my party, that his family was the weirdest thing he had seen in my life, that his cousin had had serious intentions to kiss him and his family -smaller creatures such as goblins and elves, did not attend for fear of a major, until I told him I was very handsome and I was worried about what I would like-to which Carlos replied with smiles and mischievous glances. I was happy that my truths lying her laugh, not only for himself but for me, because I was saying all he had stuck in his throat but without revealing anything, causing a release in my chest.

The bell rang and went back to class, when we pass by Amanda - Witch - could not help but look as if my eyes could kill, I wanted to have that look of torturing Jane's books, wanted to see her writhing on the floor ... It may not have a knack for it, but she looked away, uncomfortable. I smiled with delight.

When classes are over, I was happy once again, was a great start to the week, something different, because on Monday used to be my worst day.

I left the building and was surprised to see a silver Volvo parked outside, smiled instantly.

I started walking towards the volvo and Edward could see out the window, I smiled and waved.

-Mary-I heard my name called behind me. I turned and saw Carlos with a grin. I approached him and he to me, wrapped me in a hug and I love him.
- Want to meet my boyfriend? "I said as we parted.
- Secure! He exclaimed.

I walked into the Volvo and looked around to see if Vanessa was near, as it was not like he could not call to make relevant submissions. I heard Carlos say something like "what car" as we approached.

Edward's hands were clenched around the steering wheel with a frown.

-Edward-he looked at me in an effort to change the expression. But his golden eyes had that dark tone, but I spoke without paying attention to it, this is Carlos ...
"Your best friend," Edward interrupted me.

I was surprised he did not remember having mentioned this title to Carlos, even remember doing appointed.

Edward left the car and shook his hand. Carlos was not much lower than him. I was amazed at how both gave a firm handshake, flexing muscles, as demonstrated superiority. Assumed that Carlos was going through those jealous of friends that I had suffered every day until today. Those wanting to sound jealous that your best friend is well.

-Edward Cullen-pointed my boyfriend and Carlos finally dropped his hand.

Edward walked
to the other side of the car to open the passenger door, and Carlos took the opportunity to make the gesture that was crazy, with the index finger circling above the ear. I laughed involuntarily, as he always did with him, and walked with his friends. I walked across the car and Edward gave me his hand to enter.


spent at least fifteen minutes in the car in complete silence, in utter silence uncomfortable.

"Your mother knows you're with me," said Edward when typing on my cell phone became the new sound.
"Well," I muttered and stare at the horizon.
"Sorry," whispered one hand leaving the wheel to shake my fingers.
- What do you feel? "I said with a stern voice.
"I'm being rude to your friend.
"I'm not bothered by that," said releasing her hand.

Edward was silent and tried my hand again.
- Why did you lie? "I growled.
-Mary ...
"It better be a good reason.
"I have it not bother you ... I thought.
And never thought to tell me.
pursed mouth.
"I was not sure.
"I want the whole truth Edward.
was slowing down to park outside a restaurant.
"Come on, you should eat.

We sat at a table and ordered a small pizza. Edward asked nothing and I was hoping that he take my order.

He went to kiss me, but I placed my cheek.
"You can not do that.
- What thing?
-Kiss me and hope all is well. Did you do on my birthday, this time I want to hear.
-I read your thoughts every time we met, I was intrigued by the fact that they claim to know. For a moment I thought I knew you well, it was because I had seen in visions of Alice: he had someone new to them, someone who is not clearly distinguished. I figured it was you, by the few traits that came to distinguish.
- Alice can not see me? I asked nervously.
"Not exactly ... something like wolves.
"Yes there are wolves.
"Yes, and are not our friends, his gaze turned to dusk, but did not talk about that.
The waiter placed my coca-cola on the table and when it was Edward continued.
-Just like in the book, Bella seemed to be an exception to my gift, you are for Alice.
- Why?
"We have no idea.
- And what about Stephanie? I asked, and drank soda.
remind Carlisle believes a vampire clan Egyptian passionate about writing, and who on more than one occasion wanted to know more about us. He does not believe that she is the author, but someone who knew the secrets she kept.
- Anyone?
"Probably a witch or a wizard, someone who loved us together. You're the only one with the books. It's too coincidental that you lived so close and you're the only one who had access to them.
- It's impossible! I cried when the waiter arrived with the pizza.
The man retired and Edward continued.
-charge you all to find copies of books. From here to China, and nowhere in the know. It's a mystery I have no interest in resolving.

"Nor I," I muttered.
- How can Jane be love if he has this horrible gift? I asked.
-Carlisle believes all too good-rolled his eyes and I ate another triangle of pizza, but unfortunately they are not.
- Any other secrets? I asked looking into his eyes.
"It's not secret, but died of jealousy to see you embrace your" friend ", I felt the quotation marks in the word know that I can not hold as well ... at least not without fear.
"You need not fear, or jealousy.
"I had them when I read and imagined you were Bella ... every time the pooch appeared ... I swear it was horrible.
"But Carlos is not a wolf.
"But you like.

I looked down, taking another bite of pizza. I hesitated to respond.
"Yeah, I like my friend, can not be with someone who does not you like.
Edward growled softly.

finished eating, went to the bathroom and Edward paid the bill.

again entered his car, placed the keys in the ignition and was one second still.

"You do not want to be a vampire," he said looking at me. I was not asking, I knew the answer, but the cold sweat came over my face and my hands.
- Why Why would I want?
- Why not? -Recross it.
"Because that would take away from my mom, my dad and Susy. Vanessa and Carlos and all the other people around me. Because I lost many things because he would live forever in this body and I'm not ready. "I sighed -. Because I like having fun and I like the sun, the beach and sand. Walking in the sunshine, being happy, without having to hide. Because I want to be free and enjoy being human, I like to feel your cold touch, yet have the pleasure of embracing a warm friend. Cause I'm happy and would not change that happiness for anything.

Edward stayed with his mouth open and eyebrows raised. He examined my face and spoke with confidence.

"You look determined.
"I'm not want to be a nightmare monster ... no offense," I said with a smile.

Edward came up to me, my heart beat stronger and the cold sweat was still there. He gave me a kiss on the lips and lowered his lips to my neck icy.

history is now coming to an end \u0026lt;3