Sunday, February 6, 2011

Backrest Request Letter

Emily Osment believes that Justin Bieber should work with Michael Buble

Completely overrun by a extreme 'Bieber Fever', the Disney star, Emily Osment, have expressed interest in the pop idol Justin Bieber and singer Michael Buble unite to produce a track together. Through his Twitter account, the actress' Hannah Montana 'emphasized in his idea even though they would not know the result:' Justin Bieber should do a song with Michael Buble: Beebs and Bubes. Do not know what will happen until you try! ". Although Emily Osment's suggestion may be of interest to 'Beliebers', remember that in September 2010, Michael Bublé justin parodied - as well as other celebrities - music video for her single 'Hollywood'.

Video of Michael Buble 'Hollywood'


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