Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Pictures: Selena Gomez dazzle as an angel in Wizards of Waverly Place

constants pranks and oversights to Selena Gomez Over four seasons with Wizards of Waverly Place definitely will not make your character Alex Russo qualify as an 'angel', but at least they try it in an upcoming episode titled "Dancing With Angels'. New entanglements await David Henrie, who plays Justin, and Selena Gomez when this will convince Rosie - Justin's new love interest - to invite her and Harper (Jennifer Stone) to a dance of angels in the eponymous city of Los Angeles and spoiling the appointment of his brother. Everything will be fun for Alex and Harper until attendees discover that neither is an angel, so that not only they will get in serious trouble, but Justin and Rosie. Dancing With Angels released on February 11 for 'Disney Channel'.
is, uuy pretty ... oh to see this episode!


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