Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bad Cover Letter For Jewelry Store

Grammy scandal involved in property rights for the song Monster

Usher has become the target of legal action by a student a songwriter who claims he was duped with a theme of Property Rights on the track Music 'Monster' of the singer's recent album. The singer of "Yeah!" included the song on the album 'Raymond vs. Raymond 'released in 2010, but Kameron Glasper claims it was defrauded to sign for half of the rights of the song, which was part of an agreement of 10 tracks which acceded in 2009. Glasper, also known as Kam Parker, insisted that it was' a young and inexperienced college student "trying to enter the music industry when he agreed to the contract with the company of Bethel Harris. He says that Harris 'explode' their talents and claimed to be "the only person with representatives from the album 'Raymond' of Usher could negotiate for the song 'Monster.'' Recently, Kam Parker signed a lawsuit in DeKalb Superior Court in Georgia and seeks absolute property rights for his songs, and a Backlight compensation and legal costs.


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